Chad Smith Gear

“I haven’t really changed my kit or my set up for a while now. They bring me new drums and so on, and if they improve what I do, I’ll use them, but I’m not a great searcher for new sounds. To me it’s the way I play the drums that is important, and not the drums themselves, so I don’t tend to go looking for the next innovation. I think there are good sounds to be made from old equipment and a lot of players are going back to vintage kits…

I’ve stayed with them [Pearl] because I am a loyal person, I’ve stayed with the same symbol company, the same heads, the same sticks, I’ve been with people for ten, and some for 15 years.”

Source Drummer magazine October 2004


Several magazine articles in the ‘Magazine Scan/Articles’ section feature information on Chad Smith’s drum equipment & set up; here are a few of them

For information on Chad’s ‘I’m With You’ tour drum kit Chad Smith’s Super Bowl Drum Kit please see the separate pages.

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