RHCP Tour 2017 Milano

Date: 21st July, 2017

Location: Milano Summer Festival, Milan, Italy



Photo: Henrik Lewandowski

01. Around the World
02. Snow
03. Otherside
04. Dark Necessities
05. Hey
06. Fire
07. Go Robot
08. Californication
09. Charlie
10. Sick Love
11. Don’t Forget Me
12. Suck My Kiss
13. I Could Have Lied
14. By the Way


15. Goodbye Angels
16. Give It Away


Photo: Henrik Lewandowski


Photo: Simona Morisi


RHCP 2017 Postepay Rock in Roma

Date: 20th July, 2017

Location: Postepay Rock, Rome, Italy

Josh Klinghoffer & Anthony Kiedis Roma, 2017
Photo credit: Henrik Lewandowski

Set List:


Photo credit: Henrik Lewandowski

01 Can’t Stop

02 Dani California

03 The Zephyr Song

04 Dark Necessities

05 The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie

06 Right On Time

07 Go Robot

08 Californication

09 Aeroplane

10 The Getaway

11 Sir Psycho Sexy

12 Higher Ground

13 Under The Bridge

14 By The Way


15 Goodbye Angel

16 Give it Away

Information and live updates thanks, once again, to Henrik!

RHCP Tour 2017: Paléo Festival Nyon in Switzerland


Photo credit: Henrik Lewandowski

Date: 18th July, 2017

Location: Paléo Festival Nyon, Switzerland!


01 Can’t Stop
02 Snow ((Hey Oh))
03 Scar Tissue
04 Dark Necessities
05 Wet Sand
06 Me & My Friends
07 Go Robot
08 Californication
09 Tell Me Baby
10 Sick Love (note: different writing, concealed text showing and line- looks like the original song has been covered over with an alteration)
11 Suck My Kiss
12 Soul To Squeeze
13 By The Way

14 Goodbye Angels
15 Give It Away

Josh Klinghoffer’s solo was ‘Higgs Boson Blues’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Many thanks to Henrik once again for the live updates!


Midi Libre is running an article with some amazing photos.

Article with photos: RTS Culture

EPA is running a lot of photos from the concert: European Photopress Agency

RHCP 2017 Benicàssim, Spain

Date: 15th July, 2017

Location: Festival de Benicàssim, Spain

rhcp-benicassim-spain-july-15-2017-1-lewandowski rhcp-benicassim-spain-july-15-2017-2-lewandowski


Photos by Henrik Lewandowski



Photo by Henrik Lewandowski

01 Around The World
02 Dani California
03 The Zephyr Song
04 Dark Necessities
05 Right On Time
06 Go Robot
07 Californication
08 Dreams Of A Samurai
09 Higher Ground
10 Under The Bridge
11 By The Way


12 Goodbye Angels

13 Fire

14 Give It Away


Many thanks yet again to Henrik Lewandowski for his live updates 🙂

RHCP at Super Bock Super Rock, Lisbon


Date: 13th July, 2017

Location: Super Bock Super Rock Festival, Lisbon, Portugal



Photo courtesy of Henrik Lewandowski

Note: The set list seems to have been really revised and changed. Under The Bridge is also showing on there but my friend who was there hasn’t listed it as being played. He also has a video of What is Soul being performed.

01 Can’t Stop

02 Snow ((Hey Oh))

03 Dark Necessities

04 The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie

05 Nobody Weird Like Me

06 Go Robot

07 Californication

08 Aeroplane

09 Suck My Kiss

Josh Solo: Foi Na Cruz by Nick Cave

10 Soul To Squeeze

11 By The Way


12 Goodbye Angels

13 Give It Away

All photos courtesy of Henrik Lewandowski


Many thanks once again to Henrik!

UPDATE: Nice review from BLITZ (It translates well into English through Google)

RHCP Chicago 2017

There are some really high quality videos from the two Chicago shows that RHCP have just played and they deserve a post of their own! I’ve added a couple of them below but the full listings can be seen here:

RHCP Chicago 30th June, 2017

RHCP Chicago 1st July, 2017

Photos by kind permission of Ken Rotberg

Many thanks to Ken for all of this!


RHCP at Bonnaroo Festival (11th June 2017)

Date: 11th June 2017

Location: Bonnaroo Festival; Manchester, TN

Set List:
Can’t Stop
Play Video
Dani California
Scar Tissue
Dark Necessities
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
I Wanna Be Your Dog (cover) going into..
Right on Time
Go Robot
What Is Soul? (cover)
Snow ((Hey Oh))
Suck My Kiss
Soul to Squeeze
By the Way

Goodbye Angels
Give It Away

Screen Shots from the broadcast:


Venice Kings

Setlist Venice – April/08/2017
Red Hot Chili Peppers
1 Can’t Stop
2 Otherside
3 Dark Necessities
4 Me & My Friends
5 Go Robot
6 By The Way

7 Goodbye Angels
8 Give It Away
+ Jam “I Wanna Be Your Dog” (The Stooges)

Last night, RHCP played a private gig in Venice to mark the opening of Damien Hirst’s new exhibition,  “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable.” They had been videoed at the airport (complete with Flea and his new new leopard skin hair design) and Chad had posted a photo of them attending the exhibition and every one was assuming there was more to their presence in Venice than just that- either a private gig or to record a video but it turned out to be the former.



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Thanks to Angra & Shalhevet for the help and to Henrik for the setlist information!

Quebec Concert (June 18th) Cancelled


The Red Hot Chili Peppers were due to play the the Videotron Center in Quebec on June 18th but local press has announced that the concert has been cancelled and the venue website itself is also listing it as cancelled with refund details given. There is no word from RHCP yet with no details on the official RHCP website about the cancellation (but the concert isn’t listed in the tour section).

The venue website states that people who have purchased tickets through Ticketmaster, over the phone or online, will have an automatic refund made to their credit card. However, those who purchased their tickets in person at the Center Vidéotron box office will have to go there in person to receive their refund.

Details: Centre Videotron website