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RHCP interview about Josh Klinghoffer joing Red Hot Chili Peppers and UK tour dates 2011 2012

RHCP were interviewed in an article about their up coming UK tour dates; the magazine came out on the 10th November 2011 but my copy only came today. Here’s an extract:

The reunited Chilis have spent a year writing 50 new songs. But one major part of the band was missing. Guitarist John Frusciante, a driving force behind their biggest hits, quit the band in 2009 for a second time albeit amicably on this occasion.

“It felt good because I knew he would be happier doing something else,” Kiedis smiles. “We had accomplished so much with John, something we will live and die being very proud of.”

New member Josh Klinghoffer has slotted straight into the band. At the age of 32 he already has an enviable CV.

He was a friend and collaborator with Frusciante and has worked with the likes of Gnarls Barkley, Warpaint and PJ Harvey. Kiedis says Klinghoffer has added something fresh. “Josh walked through the door with a sense of self,” he continues.

“Within a couple of weeks he started showing us some of his ideas and we thought these are really beautiful and we can build on them and make it happen.” Smith was delighted to see a reinvigorated Flea return after learning to play the piano.

“He got really inspired by furthering his knowledge of music,” says Chad. “He went to college for a year and he really dedicated himself to music theory.

“I had to come in with some new things on the drums and we all went up on it. It was real fun again.”

Full scans and transcript here: Red Hot Chili Peppers Interview The Ticket


RHCP Monarchy of Roses Video Out!

UPDATE: The video is now playing on YouTube in the UK!

The new video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ latest single, Monarchy of Roses, has been released on the official RHCP Youtube channel. Monarchy Of Roses, was directed by Marc Klasfeld and was inspired by the artwork of the artist Raymond Pettibon; it’s a black and white animated video with footage of the band overlaid on the cartoons; here are some screen caps:

Monarchy of Roses Video: Text/Captions:

-My life story
-Fight for freedom
-The duration of the head, sharp out lines of things is a griet to me
-Do you still want me?
-One cant stand ont he straight and narrow path forever
-I saw i could not win
-Everyone loves a handsome killer
-My devil has fallen in love with you
-I dont konw why i’m listening to this, but i cant stop
-It’s my heart leave it alone
-Charlie, you dont feed us enough
-I met Ernie an the cathay
-Let it burn
-Sex is everywhere all the time you cant escape
-Paint the all unutterable

-I illustrate you watch and read

Many thanks to Mbir for sorting out those!

Monarchy of Roses Video

Note: There have been problems viewing this in some countries although it’s now showing here in the UK; this is a proxy link to view it for anyone still having difficulities (thanks Kate!):

New RHCP Interview and Video: The Sun Newspaper (UK)

Flea and Anthony Kiedis were interviewed by The Sun newspaper about the UK dates for 2012 and the interview was published today along with a video. Here’s an extract:

I met the band in Paris, shortly before they hit the stage at the Bercy Arena on their current tour, to talk about their huge UK dates next year.

As well as Knebworth, they will play their first big outdoor gig in the north-east, at Sunderland FC’s Stadium Of Light.

Surf-dude Anthony knows his waves — and has considered taking on some of the north-east’s beaches.

He said: “Britain has good waves, it’s just really cold. Just north of Newcastle there’s a great wave spot, but you have to be a polar bear to take it on. Who knows?”

The UK is a big deal for the band and talking about the dates Flea, who is one of the best characters in music as well as one of the best musicians, said: “Hell yes man, I’m ready to do it. England is a place where it’s always been exciting for us to go.

“For any American band, you grow up loving all this English music. And to go over there, you feel like you have to honour all this.

“Like we’re going to do this Knebworth thing, like Zeppelin played it, you know what I mean.

“It’s just awesome. We’re going to do our best to play our hearts out, to let go of our brains and be animals, let the music flow and give every fibre of our being to the process. I just wanna explode. I’m going to brutalise Knebworth, like a wildebeest let out of a cage that hasn’t eaten in six months.”


The full transcript and colours scans of the article here: Red Hot Chili Peppers UK Tour 2012 The Sun

RHCP MTV EMA Performance 6th November

MTV have announced that RHCP will perform at the European Music Awards in a few days time:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Will Perform at the 2011 MTV EMA!

MTV has just announced the first artists in the lineup of performers at the 2011 MTV EMA in Belfast on 6th November: the Red Hot Chili Peppers! The legendary funk-punk rockers from Los Angeles, California, fresh off the release of their chart-topping album I’m With You, will be joining us for what promises to be an amazing event. The Chili Peppers have sold more than 60 million albums and won six GRAMMY ® Awards. They won the Best Rock Act EMA in 2000, the Best Live Act EMA in 2002, and the Best Album EMA in 2006, for Stadium Arcadium. “We haven’t played in Belfast in a long time, so we’re really looking forward to performing at the 2011 MTV EMA and seeing all our fans!” the Chili Peppers (frontman Anthony Kiedis, bassist Flea, drummer Chad Smith, and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer) say of their upcoming EMA appearance. We’re pretty darn psyched too, guys! Plus, here’s another cool tidbit about this year’s EMA: For the first time, the star-studded show will be coming to you live from not one, not two, but THREE venues in our host city. We’ve already announced that one stage will be at the Odyssey Arena … but as for the locations of the other two, you’ll just have to keep checking back at to find them out!

RHCP on cover of Russian Magazine

I’m sorry but I don’t have a transcript for this and have no idea what it says but RHCP feature on the cover of a Russian magazine; there’s a three page article with lots of photos, a two page photo poster of the band and an article which I assume is about I’m With You.

Full scans HERE



Kiedis & Klinghoffer Interview Online- Guitar World October 2011

I’ve just got a copy of the edition of Guitar World featuring the interview with Anthony Kiedis & Josh Klinghoffer (both are featured on the cover). The interview is very detailed, well written and has a few unique photographs of Kiedis & Klinghoffer that were commissioned for the article.

Here’s an extract:

“Josh is a subtle, sublime and poetic musician,” Flea says. “He’s not this guitar virtuoso/guitar hero guy. He’s a real all-around musician. He plays drums and piano as well as guitar, so he gets a real big picture of the music and has a real intuitive sense of when something is serving the song or not. He puts chords together in a beautiful, unique, Josh kind of way. At the same time he’s very rooted in traditional songwriting and the traditional way chords move. He really has his own take on it and pumps up the system. And he has a very warm, beautiful sound on the guitar.”

But Flea wasn’t always so gung-ho for the new guy. If Anthony Kiedis is the band’s self-pro-claimed “pathetic optimist,” Flea tends to skew the other way. At first he didn’t want to continue the band without John Frusciante.

“Oh. I’ve considered pulling the plug a million times,” he confides. “That’s nothing new for me. Things get to be a bummer and I start going, ‘Mmm, this is kind of a drag.’ And I just couldn’t imagine doing it without John. When he did up and leave, though, some time went by and I just started feeling this deep love for the band and wanted to continue it. Plus, I missed Anthony. So we got Josh.”

The newest Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist is appreciably younger than the other Chili Peppers. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue for anyone. “I’ve always been the youngest one in most performing situations,” Klinghoffer says. “The funny thing is, I’m probably in the worst shape, physically, of all the guys in the Chili Peppers. But being in this band doesn’t feel too dissimilar to anything I’ve ever done before. I’m just making music with people I love, which I have a habit of doing. I’ve never done anything other than what I love.”

Read the rest of the article plus full scans HERE: RHCP Guitar World October 2011

RHCP on Jonathan Ross Show

The Red Hot Chili Peppers appeared on the UK’s Jonathan Ross TV show last Friday night (9th September 2011) . There were a few shots of them waiting to go onto the show (it’s a guest show and Jonathon Ross interviews different guests in turn and there are also shots ‘backstage’ interspersed with that) and they seemed in fine form joking around on camera e.g. one of the other guests is an actor who has performed as Sherlock Holmes and there was a scene of Anthony and Flea dressed up as ‘Sherlock Holmes’ with pipes and deerstalker hats and for another sketch about the length of a man’s ring finger being indicative of his sexual prowess …they are had very long fingers! Anthony and Flea were interviewed very briefly and then the band performed The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie.




RHCP Interview in Loaded (UK Magazine)

An interview (with mostly Anthony Kiedis but Flea also talks about the track Ethiopia) has been published in Loaded magazine in a feature on the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s new album? I’m With You? in the latest edition.

Here’s an extract:

And there’s no missing the most distinctly named bassist in the world. With his turquoise hair and matching tracksuit he dicks around on his guitar while talking at several million words an hour. Before we’ve even asked the obligatory question about the new album? he’s off.  “There is a song called Ethiopia on the new record?” he starts. “Did you know I got lost out there?”  It’s crazy? right? But I totally did.

“Damon Albarn has started his African Express Project? where basically a group of musicians go to a different country in Africa and jam with Africans? listen to African music and trip around. It was fucking amazing. So? Josh and I decided we’d go to Ethiopia. One day? we got the bus somewhere? before I got out to check this little side road. I turned around and the bus was gone. I was totally lost. I walked around this little town for about an hour. No one speaks English there and it was kind of crazy. I started getting really scared.” He looks scared even now? telling us about it.

“People were coming up to me and speaking to me? but I didn’t understand. I was tripping out with all these people staring at me and speaking to me. Eventually I managed to track down this guy and started screaming at him that I didn’t understand. But then? I thought? hang on so I do. So he found my friends and was totally nice. I told that story to Anthony when I got home? he wrote some lyrics and it became the song. To me it reflects the feelings of never letting fear dictate anything? only love.”

Full scans and transcript HERE

If you can please buy a copy of the magazine- I picked it up yesterday so it should be available for people in the UK to buy :)

New Magazine Scan Added

I’ve just added the scan and full transcript of an Anthony Kiedis interview from 7 Nights which is a supplement with the Sunday Mail, a newspaper from Scotland (UK). Here’s an extract:

But after the group’s tour of last album Stadium Arcadium in 2007 (the album became the group’s first US number one and also went to the top in Britain), John quit and Josh joined in 2009 after a self-imposed two year hiatus.

Anthony said: “One of the bits of karmic joy was that at a point in time where maybe it would be difficult to keep it fresh, along comes a shift in our lives, whereby John decided that he wanted to do something else, creating an opportunity for us to be fresh again.”

There was no fall-out with the band that includes other founding member Flea on bass and drummer Chad Smith – and it seems Anthony doesn’t have a real reason, or one he’s giving us, as to why John quit.

He said: “Maybe he wanted to start off by doing something fresh on his own and maybe somewhere in the recesses of his mind he wanted to create an opportunity for us to do something fresh without even knowing it.

“It wasn’t even a divorce, it was like ‘mission accomplished, go rock out, we’ll see you somewhere along the way!’”

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie, the group’s first single in four years following the 2007 release of Hump de Bump, is now on the radio ahead of the album I’m With You, Josh’s first with the band.

He fills Chili guitarist shoes that include John, Dave Navarro and Jesse Tobias – but Anthony doesn’t think Josh should be intimidated.

He said: “Josh has played with PJ Harvey, The Sparks and Cee Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley, so really I had some flipping big shoes to fill.

“Those are like a whole gang of strong vocalists that he’s accustomed to playing with.

“But does anybody care about the shoes I had to fill? No, I didn’t think so.”

Anthony is excited about the new Chilis line-up. He said: “It feels fun and like a good fit, and I think more will be revealed when we start playing live and doing things like that.

“Musically I think we’ve reinvented ourselves in the best way possible where it’s still The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but it’s the Josh Klinghoffer era of Red Hot Chili Peppers.”


Full scan and transcript HERE

RHCP I’m With You Live Movie: Review

The Red Hot Chili Peppers performed ‘I’m With You’ live in Cologne, Germany on the 30th August and the concert was broadcast worldwide later that night in selected cinemas.

Here’s the advertising trailer:

My Overview

At pretty much the last minute, babysitting got sorted as my husband came to the rescue and I was able to go to see it in the cinema in the next town as it was being shown there (Shrewsbury, England for anyone interested) and this is my overview of the movie as I know some people weren’t able to see it & have been asking about it:

The movie started with various random (mostly black & white) photo shots of scenes & brief videos taken from the concert e.g. shots of guitar sound checks, walking along the queue of people waiting to go into the concert, etc. with the RHCP asterisk (and album advert) flashing between scenes and a countdown saying 18 minutes to go, 10 minutes, etc.  That lasted for about 20 minutes (I missed the start -as that was how timing worked out but that was better than not seeing it at all- so it might have been slightly longer). As it got closer to show time, the warm up changed to clips of the official RHCP video that was released (added below) talking about Josh Klinghoffer joining the band, etc. cut in with ‘exclusive cinema’ clips of the band backstage talking about the show to follow- they commented on how cool Josh is (the iceman), a definition of his name in German that they were told earlier, how they were going to play the whole album but maybe miss out one track (Anthony Kiedis explained that part and he also said they might change the order and have ‘Monarchy of Roses’ followed by ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’ but that wasn’t the case; ‘Even You Brutus?’ was the track that was omitted). They also started to discuss which other track each of them would chose but that didn’t go very far. Anthony Kiedis seemed quite tense and a bit apprehensive about the whole thing, Flea said he was nervous and was talking nonstop (to cover the nerves?!), Josh was unflappable and Chad was well, Chad! It ended with them pointing out they had two minutes to go before they were due onstage…

Official RHCP video that was used in the pre-concert section:


The pre-concert footage ended and we got the British Film Certification certificate flashed up saying it was suitable for over 12s and then a warning that as it was recorded live and hadn’t been checked & that it might contain swearing (it did! Flea was on fire at times, lol)

Then the actual broadcast of the recorded concert started. It showed a little bit of the crowd in the concert venue and then Chad, Josh and Flea came onstage and started to jam; they were followed shortly afterwards by Anthony Kiedis. 


Chad was wearing a red top, trousers and hat; Josh was all in black, Flea was topless with red trousers and trainers (sneakers) and Anthony came on stage wearing black trousers and a very cool black tailed jacket that had multi-coloured silk sections (white background with mostly red and blue abstract streaks on it) but that was soon removed and he played bare-chested for the remainder.

RHCP were joined on stage with a few additions; Mauro Refosco joined them on percussion (there was a funny shot of him with the infamous cow bells at one point), Michel Bogley (?) a teacher from Silverlake Conservatory of Music played piano on a couple of tracks and he played the trumpet solos on ‘Did I Let You Know’ and Chad’s drum tech also played extra percussion.

 Shots throughout the concert were mostly of the band members either as individuals or the whole band onstage but there were some crowd shots and other shots showing people on the edge of the stage- Anthony’s son, Everly Bear, was seen really briefly at one point.

 They played through the whole of ‘I’m With You’ in order with the omission of ‘Even You Brutus’ and it sounded amazing! There were a couple of jams too. Flea swapped his bass for the piano on ‘Happiness Loves Company (?)– he also played a piano solo after Anthony asked him to play something prior to beginning the song. Part way through, Flea started to shake his hands after each song and I assumed it was to remove the sweat as he was dripping with it but then he commented that he needed a break of a minute or so as he had cramp! Chad filled in the ‘silence,’ after some funny back chat between the band, with an impromptu drum solo.

 A couple of the songs were introduced by name but most had no name given to them and a couple were referred to as ‘another new song’. Flea seemed to do most of the talking to the audience- chatting about various thing (he likes potato cakes!) but Anthony Kiedis also said some things too e.g. he name-checked his mum (“Hello to my dear mother”) which was really sweet; he also said something about knowing one person at least who would be watching the show and then he asked if Cassia (?) would be watching and said he didn’t know how he felt about that (it looked like something had been said to him but we couldn’t hear what it was). I’m trying to remember what was said (I did start to take notes but gave up as it was too dark in the cinema to write) but they joked about Flea menstruating and being the only man to have a period (this was after the cramp thing). The last band chat (mostly Anthony and Flea) was about the time running out and the 90 minutes nearly being over and that they were grains of sand in an hour glass that was running out.

They then played an encore but after a (partly heard) discussion that took place a couple of times, they announced they would be playing ‘Did I Let You Know’ again as part of the encore as there had been a problem with the trumpet playing on it (or something like that; the playing by Michael sounded great both times so I think it was a technical thing!).  In the end, for the encore they played ‘Me And My Friends,’ ‘Did I Let You Know’ and an amazing version (if brief) of ‘Give It Away’.

 The band was so dynamic and into the whole thing- you could sense the love and enthusiasm they had for each other, the new songs and playing together. Anthony need seem to be really concentrating on the vocals but in a good way but he was dancing around madly at times too, Flea was strutting his funky stuff as only Flea can, Chad was infectious in his enthusiasm and Josh was wild!

 Video of ‘Did I let You Know’

Forum discussion thread with videos of nearly all of the songs and lots of photos HERE 

Many thanks to Shalhevet for finding some research, Andjelka for sourcing all of the Cologne videos and photos and to Rita for confirming some things from the movie for me and reading through the draft version!

If I’ve missed something major or got something totally wrong, please let me know… am doing this from memory so anything could happen! lol