RHCP Jools Holland Later (2)

EDIT: Updated with the three song videos and also the interview with a transcript :) :

Red Hot Chili Peppers have appeared on UK TV on Jools Holland’s show for the second time this week (tonight’s show was recorded along with Tuesday’s live footage). The show, like Tuesday, opened with RHCP playing the Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie, they also played Look Around (screen caps below) and Anthony Kiedis and Josh Klinghoffer were briefly interviewed: They talked about the departure of John Frusciante & Josh joining/ fitting into the Red Hot Chili Peppers; Anthony Kiedis mentioned having Everly Bear with him in London and showing him some of the sights (before Everly Bear has to stay in school and the world ends next year!) and he also said how much he enjoyed the set by Bjork. The show again ended with Monarchy of Roses.

Many thanks to Ana for sourcing these and  pkrips0791 xxxxWGDxxxx for uploading them!

Video Transcript:

Jools Holland: And now I’m delighted to welcome Anthony & Josh from the Red Hot Chili Peppers at this table, here, direct. Very nice to see you both. Welcome back to the show.

Anthony Kiedis: Thank you.

Jools Holland: OK great. Band sounding great. Very good new record but it’s five years since the last record and er… how come you left it sorta so long? Five years, is that right?

Anthony Kiedis: Umm..It seems like five minutes and it’s never really that long. Yeah, maybe since we actually recorded the record before it but then you know we go out on the road for years on end, took a little break and found Josh.

Jools Holland: Exactly. And how did you find Josh?

Anthony Kiedis: Umm Josh is a friend who happened to be in our circle of people and …umm… it was  just kinda perfect and magical transition where our previous guitar player, John, was ready to go and do something else and we said that sounds sensible, and then we thought about it for a while and really just let it come to us where we should go. And instead of forcing it in some weird, uncomfortable, awkward direction, we drifted towards the comfortable beauty of Josh.

Jools Holland: Lovely, comfy Josh.

Anthony Kiedis: Yeah right. Which has been. Not to praise him too much wildly on television while he’s sitting there

Jools Holland: No sorry.. yeah.. but [talking over Anthony Kiedis]

Anthony Kiedis: … it’s been the greatest thing that could have ever happened to us

Jools Holland: It sounds great as well. You sound beautiful. Do you feel as though you’ve blended straight in?

Josh Klinghoffer: Umm… yeah… I mean I’ve known those guys these guys for a while so umm yes, you know…

Jools Holland: It’s kinda hard , it’s kinda difficult to be accepted into?

Josh Klinghoffer: No not really cos they are so open and they just kinda want me to be me and you know have as much fun as they are

Jools Holland: And when you are on tour, what do you do? Do you go and see the sights of the cities you are in or do you stay in your room. What do you do?

Anthony Kiedis: Yeah sometimes the sights. Umm I’ve been bringing my son on tour with me and trying to show him around a little bit. He’s four.

Jools Holland: That’s great! Show him the world

Anthony Kiedis: Show him the world

Jools Holland: That is great, good time to see it before it ends.

 Anthony Kiedis: And before he gets too locked into school. True before it ends, yes. Yeah, it could be next year according to the polar swap. Did you read about that?

Jools Holland: Is that right? Oh yeah, I knew there would be something else to worry about

Anthony Kiedis: Oh yeah, you got about about a year.

Jools Holland: And show him the world. Great to have you on the show. Its sounds great and it’s great you blend in beautifully with them if I may say so?

Anthony Kiedis: We love Josh and by the way, Bjork was radically wild and wonderful. That was so cool.

Jools Holland: Great wasn’t she?

Anthony Kiedis: Yeah

Jools Holland: A lot of great guests tonight

Anthony Kiedis:  A great line up of guests. Yeah.

Jools Holland: Well I’m glad you’re one of them, so it’s very nice to have you both here. Thank you very much. Anthony and Josh! We will be hearing more from the Red Hot Chili Peppers later *

 [* They closed the show with Monarchy of Roses]


RHCP on Jools Holland

RHCP performed just on the Jools Holland live music show called Later, on British TV station Radio 2.

EDIT: Videos now added

The Red Hot Chili Peppers opened the show with ‘The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie’ and they closed it with ‘Monarchy of Roses. The band members looked really good and seemed to be enjoying the performance (especially Chad!) but the sound quality was absolutely awful :(

Here are some screen caps I quickly grabbed as they were performing:


Many thanks to Cusmanovic for uploading them

Exclusive Photos RHCP LG Arena Birmingham 20th November

200+ Front Row Photos of RHCP at Birmingham 2011

Exclusive photos red hot chili peppers LG Arena

I was lucky enough to go to both Birmingham red Hot Chili Peppers’ concerts; I’ve spent last night and this morning uploading over 200 photos from the second night on Sunday 20th November, 2011.

Photo Gallery: Red Hot Chili Peppers LG Arena 2011

Three galleries have been added, the RHCP one above and following a request and because I was immediately in front of Flea, I’ve added a separate one for him and there’s a dedicated Anthony Kiedis gallery on my other website.

Flea 20th November 2011 LG Arena Birmingham


Anthony Kiedis 20th November 2011 LG Arena Birmingham

(BTW Saturday night’s photos coming soon! I took nearly 500 photos on the two nights so it’s taking ages to sort, edit and upload them all. And the reviews are still on their way as soon as I can finish them so please watch this space!)

RHCP Updates- Voting and US Tour Dates

For those of you asking about US Tour dates, Flea was asked about concert dates for RHCP in New York during a Q & A session on Twitter and he replied that the Red Hot Chili Peppers would be playing the Big Apple early next year (2012)

 In addition, Chad made a comment on Twitter about RHCP playing America:

Chad Smith says Red Hot Chili peppers to annouce US tour dates in December

Lots of people asking about n.american tour dates..we will announce them in december. Thanks for your patience..stay tuned!

(Thanks to Venice Queen for the heads up on this)

And for those of you who like voting, there are a couple of online polls featuring RHCP at the moment:

Red Hot Chili Peppers have been nominated for induction to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame along with several other artists and there is an online vote for fans to indicate who they would like to see inducted from the nominee list. RHCP are currently coming second to Guns N’ Roses. Vote in the Hall of Fame Poll HERE

And Loudwire is running a deathmatch between RHCP’s ‘Monarchy of Roses’  and Evanescence’s  ‘What You Want’ right now and the Chili Peppers are being trashed :(



News: Scans & Transcript of RHCP Interview in The Ticket


RHCP interview about Josh Klinghoffer joing Red Hot Chili Peppers and UK tour dates 2011 2012

RHCP were interviewed in an article about their up coming UK tour dates; the magazine came out on the 10th November 2011 but my copy only came today. Here’s an extract:

The reunited Chilis have spent a year writing 50 new songs. But one major part of the band was missing. Guitarist John Frusciante, a driving force behind their biggest hits, quit the band in 2009 for a second time albeit amicably on this occasion.

“It felt good because I knew he would be happier doing something else,” Kiedis smiles. “We had accomplished so much with John, something we will live and die being very proud of.”

New member Josh Klinghoffer has slotted straight into the band. At the age of 32 he already has an enviable CV.

He was a friend and collaborator with Frusciante and has worked with the likes of Gnarls Barkley, Warpaint and PJ Harvey. Kiedis says Klinghoffer has added something fresh. “Josh walked through the door with a sense of self,” he continues.

“Within a couple of weeks he started showing us some of his ideas and we thought these are really beautiful and we can build on them and make it happen.” Smith was delighted to see a reinvigorated Flea return after learning to play the piano.

“He got really inspired by furthering his knowledge of music,” says Chad. “He went to college for a year and he really dedicated himself to music theory.

“I had to come in with some new things on the drums and we all went up on it. It was real fun again.”

Full scans and transcript here: Red Hot Chili Peppers Interview The Ticket


RHCP Monarchy of Roses Video Out!

UPDATE: The video is now playing on YouTube in the UK!

The new video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ latest single, Monarchy of Roses, has been released on the official RHCP Youtube channel. Monarchy Of Roses, was directed by Marc Klasfeld and was inspired by the artwork of the artist Raymond Pettibon; it’s a black and white animated video with footage of the band overlaid on the cartoons; here are some screen caps:

Monarchy of Roses Video: Text/Captions:

-My life story
-Fight for freedom
-The duration of the head, sharp out lines of things is a griet to me
-Do you still want me?
-One cant stand ont he straight and narrow path forever
-I saw i could not win
-Everyone loves a handsome killer
-My devil has fallen in love with you
-I dont konw why i’m listening to this, but i cant stop
-It’s my heart leave it alone
-Charlie, you dont feed us enough
-I met Ernie an the cathay
-Let it burn
-Sex is everywhere all the time you cant escape
-Paint the all unutterable

-I illustrate you watch and read

Many thanks to Mbir for sorting out those!

Monarchy of Roses Video

Note: There have been problems viewing this in some countries although it’s now showing here in the UK; this is a proxy link to view it for anyone still having difficulities (thanks Kate!):


Over 100 Exclusive Photos of RHCP at O2 Arena Thursday 10th November 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication

Stage During CalifornicationRHCP on StageRHCP on Stage


Red Hot Chili Peppers London England November 10th 20111 O2 Arena

Overhead Monitors During Give It Away

More photos of RHCP performing at the O2 Arena in London but this time from Thursday 10th November 2011.

I couldn’t face the hours of queuing for front row this time nor could my ribs stand being slammed into the front barrier so I opted out and sat down this time! I was about 4 rows up from the bottom on the side of the stage so I focused on shots of the stage as a whole, the band and the overhead monitors rather than band member close-ups. Enjoy :)

Gallery of over 100 Red Hot Chili Peppers at the O2 Arena Photos Thursday 10th November 2011

Photos of just Anthony Kiedis on AnthonyKiedis.net

(For those of you waiting for the promised reviews of both nights they are coming as soon as I have time to finish them- hopefully tomorrow! But RHCP concerts keep getting in the way!)




Exclusive Photos of RHCP Live at 02 Arena

 Anthony Kiedis Chad Smith Red Hot Chili Peppers November 2011

 Red Hot Chili Peppers concert November 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith November 2011

I was at the O2 Arena, London, last night (November 7th 2011) for the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ concert and after queuing for over 10 hours, I got a front row spot right in front of Anthony Kiedis himself! I’ve got the bruises, cuts, etc. to prove the fact I stuck it out – and a set list that I got as a result of a security guard trying to make up for the fact he dropped somebody directly on my head!

It was pretty crazy; I was texting the song titles to a friend to post for me as each song was played while trying to take photos in the crowd frenzy at the front of stage; I was having to hang onto the camera & take the photos while trying to brace myself from being slammed into the barrier, so it was hard to frame the pictures, but I managed to take about 200 photos which I’ve edited, sorted and the best have now been uploaded. My proper camera wouldn’t have been allowed in so I borrowed a camera and literally took photos until the battery died. A couple of photos were also taken using my iPhone; they are a bit fuzzy but I thought I’d add the few best ones as they show slightly different shots/angles to the rest.

A review is to follow but I’ve travelled home today and have spent the whole evening sorting, editing and spent the whole evening sorting, editing and uploading the photos I took as I know people are asking for them. Enjoy :D

90 Photos of RHCP O2 Arena 7th November 2011

For those interested in Anthony Kiedis, a gallery of 77 photos focusing on him at the event have been added on AnthonyKiedis.net here: Anthony Kiedis /RHCP at 02 Arena, London 7th November 2011

New interview with Chad and Anthony Kiedis to BBC – 6 Music News

By Sarah Jane Griffiths (BBC reporter):

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers kick off the UK leg of their British tour tonight with three sold out shows at the O2 in London.
It’s in support of their 10th studio album I’m With You – which followed several years off and the induction of their new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.

Frontman Anthony Kiedis told 6 Music getting back on the road “felt better than I could have expected.”
As for what we can expect from these arena shows, Anthony explained while the stage production isn’t the most important aspect for them, we can expect something pretty special.

“It looks like we stole Las Vegas and brought it on tour.”

Life on the road probably won’t be quite as wild as it once was now they are older and have more responsibility but they are certainly excited:

“I am really looking forward to the shows and being in different countries and showing my son the world, he is going to come out on tour with me.”

Hear the full interview with frontman Anthony Kiedis and drummer Chad Smith by clicking here.

RHCP on cover of Russian Magazine

I’m sorry but I don’t have a transcript for this and have no idea what it says but RHCP feature on the cover of a Russian magazine; there’s a three page article with lots of photos, a two page photo poster of the band and an article which I assume is about I’m With You.

Full scans HERE