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About Those Photos…

There are photos of Anthony, with his son, in a very smokey LA; in some, AK is pulling his t-shirt across his face because of the level of the smoke. They were taken the day after the Malibu evacuation order. They had just been evacuated from their home. They wouldn’t know then if their home and possessions remained, or had all been destroyed.

We’ve all seen terrifying footage, I’m sure, of the roads leading from Malibu and Anthony & his son had fled on such roads for real with all the emotion emergency evacuation must bring. The next day, when the shock, worry & emotion must have been running sky high, a paparazzi photographer took the photos of them that I’ve mentioned.

We picked the photos up on our search feeds. We decided they were too intrusive. I will not post them; not only because of a child’s right to privacy but because of the circumstances. Most fans know that Anthony lives in Malibu. The fires got massive news coverage worldwide so it’s not hard for fans to work out that Anthony and his son had to evacuate, when it happened and therefore, that these photos were taken immediately afterwards.

Unfortunately, a celeb gossip site, amongst others, has picked them up and posted them. Now, so called fans and RHCP fan sites are copying and sharing the photos themselves. I’m appalled at their lack of respect and insensitivity.

Just imagine that was you! Emergency evacuation. Leaving everything behind. Not knowing what was happening. Your home. Your possessions. Your life. I’m sure the last thing any of us would want is paparazzi taking photos of us anyway let alone under such circumstances. And not only was it being done to an adult, but it’s being done to a child too. A child.

As fans we don’t have to share the photos just because they were taken. Sometimes people are more important than clicks or likes. I know my pages & websites aren’t as popular as the gossip fan sites that take, copy and post absolutely anything, but I’d rather have integrity than popularity.

I know the majority of the fan base will feel as I do. But for the minority, please think before sharing. Have some empathy and consideration. If you have shared, think about deleting. These are real people you are dealing with. They might be celebrities but they are still people with feelings and emotions. And as fans shouldn’t we be supporting them? Instead, some of the RHCP fan base are treating them with no consideration and to me, that’s appalling behaviour anyway but even more so towards something that is supposed to be important to us as fans.

Both Anthony & Everly Bear need some privacy & respect at times and this is most definitely one of them. Peace.

[Note: I’m picking up on AK because of the photos but this doesn’t just apply to him. Three members of the band have houses in the burn area. Thankfully, their homes are currently undamaged, but they will all know people in their neighbourhood who have lost their homes, their community has been badly affected as a whole and on a personal level, they will have friends and neighbours they know well who have had their homes destroyed. This really is a time for consideration and respect for everyone]

The Fires in Malibu

So sorry, I forgot to post here! I was in Paris with my daughter while they were happening (I took her to a concert by her “bias” so it was crazy! Teenage K-pop fandom. All I need to say!), and I can’t access this site’s interface using my phone (I updated the Facebook page as that’s easy to do).

Quick update: Anthony, Flea and Chad all have houses in the Malibu area affected by the fire. Chad and Josh were in Seattle performing at a benefit concert and Anthony safely evacuated with his son. Flea has posted on his social media accounts saying he and his family were safe and later that his house wasn’t destroyed. I’ve seen an online map and Anthony’s house wasn’t damaged and the house I think is Chad’s is fine too. Houses nearby were sadly destroyed. Obviously, things aren’t settled in the area and I read today that a layer of soot is covering the affected areas so a massive clean up is needed as well as the damaged infrastructure needing to be repaired.

I know people are asking about John. I didn’t think I had any contacts totally forgetting I know someone who is in contact with a family member of his. They enquired on behalf of the fan base. It was confirmed that, as I thought, John doesn’t live in the affected area and is fine as far as anyone knows.

Clearly we’re all grateful that band members and their homes are safe but obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was affected by the fires and especially those who lost their homes. It’s so sad.

Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat?! RHCP performed in Halloween costumes at a LA school today. Chad, Josh and Flea walked onto the stage from the side. Anthony followed them in a few seconds later but walked around the stage in front of the audience, instead of entering the stage from the side as the others had. They played a short intro song with Anthony and Josh crouching on the floor before going into ‘Can’t Stop.’ The band members then wished everyone a Happy Halloween and left the stage. Chris Warren was with there too (on the side of the stage).

Videos are very similar but only short so I’ve added a few of them:

Video for Nikki

Anthony Kiedis, together with David Mushegain, have recorded a brief Instagram video for a very special girl called Nikki who is in hospital suffering from an autoimmune disorder called Guillane Barre Syndrome. Her family reached out to the band because RHCP songs are incredibly important to Nikki right now. This video was the response. You can find out more about Nikki by following the tag on the video.

Sending Nikki lots of love and best wishes.

Transcript of the video:

Hi, Nikki. The boys in the band are in your corner sending love. Thank you for the beautiful Zephyr song version (it seems like he said something else originally but the video cuts off and loops at this point).

That Lakers’ Game…

Anthony Kiedis was NOT thrown out of a Lakers’ game on Friday night.


Just because something is posted online it’s not necessarily true…

Setting the rumours/gossip straight:

I wasn’t going to comment on this non-event but it’s getting out of hand and I’m also being asked why I am not sharing it. BTW I’m not sharing the rumour posts for obvious reasons. Some things are private anyway but I’m certainly not encouraging the spreading of rumours which are untrue. We will always do our best to verify things and put out information that is correct on any of my RHCP related pages. We’re human so sometimes make mistakes, but we will always do what we can to verify things and post the correct version.

I woke on Saturday morning (time zones) to rumours on social media that something was happening at the Staples Center and that AK had been thrown out of a Lakers’ game during the match on Friday night (LA time). A photo of his head & shoulders appeared showing him with his arm seeming to be behind him and from the angle it gave the impression that he was being restrained by some officials who were standing at his back. Almost straight away other social media posts appeared saying AK was back in his seat and that nothing had really happened. That was it it seemed.

Shortly afterwards a video came out which showed what had happened. It showed AK shouting something at a player who was sent off court following issues and a very brief argument (a minute? It was really brief) with some of the nearby officials who stopped him from commenting. Obviously emotions were running a bit high following the scene on the court and you can argue if it was right or wrong, but it was nothing major. AK turned (& that was clearly when the photo mentioned above was taken) and walked away from his seat with an official initially walking behind him. He might have chosen to do that or might have been asked- you can’t really tell. It was all very calm and if there was intervention, it was more of the “C’mon, just chill a bit” nature than any forcible intervention that involving restraining him and throwing him out of the Staples Center. Anthony walked ahead a few steps on his own, turned to talk to someone behind him and then stopped walking a few paces later. Video ended then. The video didn’t show him returning to his seat (not sure how much longer it was before he did but it was apparently only a few minutes in total from beginning to end).

Some media pages e.g. USA Today, reported on the rumour that he had been ejected which was an initial comment made on social media. Somehow, this and the video, all combined and was suddenly being used as proof that Anthony Kiedis had been thrown out of the Staples Center! Ignore the fact that there was no proof at all for this and that later social media posts were saying he’d gone back to his seat almost immediately. Sadly, this version has been picked up and is now running amok all over social media.

The boring truth was that singer got annoyed and shouted (you might say wrongly or say it was emotions running high from the game). He left his seat for a very brief period of time and then sat down again. I guess drama sells and is more interesting, while the truth doesn’t get clicks or shares. 🙁

Anthony and Flea at UFC 229

Last night (October 6th), RHCP’s other two members (Chad and Josh were performing at a benefit gig- see post below), Anthony Kiedis and Flea attended UFC 229 at the T-Mobile Arena on October 6, 2018 in Las Vegas.

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