Capricho 2002

Thank you to  Giovana (Brandy) for kindly scanning and sharing articles from her magazine collection.

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Capricho Magazine- October 20th 2002

 São Paulo 400 degrees

Red Hot Chili Peppers cheer up a 50 thousand crowd with a show full of hits

 Anthony Kiedis, John Frusciante, Flea and Chad Smith made the (already high) temperature rise further and turned the Pacaembu Stadium, in São Paulo, in a giant karaoke. It was the biggest of the three shows the Californian band played in Brazil.

 The Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in São Paulo is the proof that you need nothing but good music to put on a good show. No huge production, fireworks, explosions, people rolling on the floor. Only the four members on stage, playing one hit after other. Anthony Kiedis and co already took the stage, at 9:50pm, with a hit – By The Way, from the new album – and the Pacaembu Stadiumturned into a karaoke. Everybody sang along. Soon after it two other hits came along, Scar Tissue and Around the World, both from the album Californication. “Peace everywhere. Peace in your heart”, the lead singer Anthony Kiedis asked on the microphone, when he saw the pushing around down there pressing against the stage protection barrier. It didn’t help too much – the show had a break and the presenter Fernanda Lima was obliged to come forth, asking people to calm down in Portuguese: “Everybody is pushing around, the barrier is going to fall down and people are going to get hurt. Let’s slow down because it’s a show of the peace.” Crowd relaxed, the band came back and sang more hits: Otherside and Suck My Kiss.

Anthony bounced up and down the whole time, like every good rock musician must do. With a white tank top on – believe us, not even with all that heat did he take it off – and a black pair of long Bermuda shorts (or short pants, as you like), he proved from the top of his 39 years that he still has a lot to sweat. Bassist Flea was the most laid back guy, he joked all the time, sang the “olê, olê, olê, olê, Brazil, Brazil” chant and climbed the drums kit when the band started playing Give It Away. The sharpest on his instrument was John Frusciante, the crowd went wild with every one of his guitar solos, especially during Under the Bridge.

 After the show, the band went to a very exclusive party at the presenter Fernanda Lima. There was champagne, whiskey, beer, sandwiches and drum’n’bass playing on the pick-up. “They didn’t dance”, tell the VJ Marina Person, one of the few famous people who were there. “Anthony was super nice, made jokes and stuff. His humor is intelligent.” They got there and went away, about 2:30am, alone. “Chad drinks beer a lot, but the other are really into something else. I, at least, didn’t see anybody do anything crazy. Anthony spent almost the whole time playing with Fê’s dog.

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 As the saying goes: “Barking dogs don’t bite”. The drummer Chad Smith said in an interview to CAPRICHO that he was dying to come back to Brazil to see the women’s bums. “It’s all chatter”, the also drummer Fábio Brasil risks, from the band Detonautas Roque Clube, who opened the Red Hot shows in Rio and in São Paulo. “He’s the only one who brought his wife.” According to Detonautas, Chad was the nicest guy – he said he enjoyed their sound and saw the band playing from the stage. “Anthony Kiedis was the most rockstar-ish”, the DJ Cleston reveals. “But they are all nice people.”

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