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red goes up: the red hot chili peppers are back! 

 The red hot chili peppers are coming back! With an old-new guitar player instead of john frusciante, looks like they rediscovered the joy of creation. On magical recording close friendship and a secret orientation- ynet is giving you a close look to the big comeback.

 it didn’t seem too painful when john frusciante left the chili peppers.

 The guitarist who is responsible to a Substantial part of creativity and character of the band went to his own way and didn’t look back. But his dramatic announcement didn’t really caused a storm in the band. Even then we learned that Josh Klinghoffer, who was the consolidation of Peppers guitarist last performances, will take over the place of Frusciante and guitarist position, that   perhaps forever will remain unstable. It seems that this 

Significant change was done in a good atmosphere. 

Klinghoffer (31) knew the Frusciante for a long time. He also played his solo albums, and then became his successor on one of the world’s biggest bands. the Peppers did not waste a second. After a long vacation after which frusciante has announced his departure, had already begun writing the new album. Last year  the entered the studio with producer  Rick Rubin, who was responsible for international outbreak when he produced her first album “Blood Sugar Sex Magik ”exactly 20 years ago and has since produced their whole albums. After months in the recording studio in Los Angeles, the band re-emerged with a fresh album in hand, the first in five years. His name is ”I’m With You” and will include 14 songs and will be released august 30th.

While recording the album in the studio, came the creativity of the gang from Hollywood to record highs, at least according to bassist Michael “Flea” Balzary, during the period he Kept spotted on “Twitter” the magic and wonderful feeling in the studio, chemistry greatness with Klinghoffer and excitement toward the end of the album. 
“We concentrate on making the album and we are deep inside,” he twitted , “We put our whole heart, our soul and guts.” 

 Flea, who changes his hair color constantly (now Purple ) arranged to have exclusive photos from the studio, which are old friends, plus the new, working hard. In addition, he brought his daughter, Clara, to do the documenting of the band in terms of photos and album art.

 Clara Balzary, 23 years old, was first was shown in the documentary ”Funky Monks”, which documented the recording process of the album ”Blood Sugar Sex Magic”, so now she is accompanying her father on his way to making musical history. 

Today she gives her part: Clara took the first official picture of the band’s new composition (which appears at the top of the article) and most likely soon will be exposed some additional   photos of her. The intimacy of the studio pictures taken by her also    reveal   the visual similarity between Frusciante and Klinghoffer.

But solidarity among the band members went out of the studio. Although  they kept it out of sight in the U.S. media, but Ynet has learned that four members in recent weeks – Flea, Anthony Kiedis, Chad Smith and Klinghoffer – came close to formulating a musical bonding . For several weeks they lived four at Charlie Hotel “, a luxurious hotel rents out apartments for a short time in West Hollywood, owned by Israeli Menachem Triiois.  Friends since school, Kiedis and flea, entered the apartment  first and Smith and Klinghoffer second. These were two weeks of consolidation, during rehearsals and rolled out long conversations. 

At the end of the period, took the press release with the album name, release date and the song list, which also appears before you. The first single, to be in the coming weeks, will be called  “The Adventures of Rain Dance maggie”

“When John left, we had the intuition,” said Kiedis recently, the first interview on the new album, in the magazine ”Rolling Stone”, ”We felt that we had not finished. We wanted to keep the band in a way that will not hurt all of what we have achieved so far. We had some interesting conversations about finding a new guitarist. We were wondering if we should look for someone completely fresh, we do not even  know, or someone in our backyard.”  

 Friend and a fan

 Court noted,  they were not even need to get; soon it was clear that Klinghoffer is in. Besides being a player to strengthen the band’s performances and the side support to frusciante, he worked in the past with names like PJ Harvey and Beck.  Besides playing guitar, Klinghoffer also contributed to the album his talent on keyboards, backing vocals and wrote some of the music, with other members. When he went with them on the road in recent years,  he even contributed to the band on stage his talent as a drummer. “I felt I already have the experience,” said Klinghoffer in his first media interview ever,” there wasn’t really a process of adjustment. I just started playing with people I admire, they are also very good friends of mine, for several years”.  A few weeks before the album reaches us, the band plans to tour extensively, which should make up for her long absence stages in recent years. In August the band is expected to land in Asia and running – the first time in its history – in Hong Kong.

 And  to the inevitable Israeli point: the summer just ten years ago the band was supposed to land at Park Hayarkon quartet Tel – Aviv. Despite the fear of the uncertain security situation, there was a feeling that the visit will take place as planned, but ultimately, the very last moment, the band announced that come after a   warnings of the U.S. State Department and cancelled the show. the Israeli public was very dissapointed.

But now, when the band launched during the new and long reach to new destinations, it’s the time to take up the challenge, bring them to us and correct the historical injustice. If that happens, it seems that you’ll be disappointed and we will get the full band energy, creativity, and in rare form. After all, the members were ”Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante long before and will continue to be much more in him.

Many thanks to Shalhevet for posting the article and so kindly taking the time to provide us with a translation 🙂

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