April 2010 Classic Rock Interview with Slash mentioning Flea

An extensive interview where Slash (ex Guns N’ Roses) discusses his new all-star album in detail. Flea played bass on a track and is mentioned in the interview although only briefly as he was not present at the interview like some of the other guest musicians.

Note: I have not included the whole of this interview, only the sections mentioning Flea directly. 

There he was in the midst of putting together an album featuring Lemmy, Ian Astbury, Izzy Straddlin and Flea, and suddenly the web was buzzing with stories about Slash’s ‘pop’ album, about him “pissing on his legacy”, echoing an attack by Axl Rose in February 2009, in which he had called his former bandmate a “whore for the limelight” among other things.
(Photo of  Slash, caption mentions Flea)

“Me, Flea and Steven* all knew each other from the same neighbourhood. When I first started playing, and Steven was playing, and Michael [Flea’s real name is Michael Peter Balzary] was playing trumpet, we used to hang out in this one area in West Hollywood where this elementary school was, cos it had banks that you could do on your skateboard and shit. So we all knew each other from there and to have us all in this studio all these years later jamming this song…”

*Adler- original drummer of Guns N’ Roses


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