Alternative Press Artists Who Shaped A.P. July 1999

Dave Navarro Red Hot Chili Peppers

red hot chili peppers flea


“We’ve created something truly unique, and the next time they write a rock history book, they’re going to have to give us some mention.”

Flea A.P. 24

After a succession of false starts stretching back to the mid-1980s, and with a live rep as long as their socks, this Los Angeles group finally made it good in late 1989, when first “Knock Me Down,” then “Higher Ground,” propelled them into the new decade’s stratosphere. Further buoyed by 1991’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik, the band and their frenzied cocktail of street-smart self-confidence and savage underdoggery unquestionably paved the way for the similar extremes of violence and vulnerability that characterised the grunge years to come. All the soul-baring, of course would take its toll, but now Flea and Anthony have reassembled the winning Blood Sugar team for another go at history-making.


Note: A nine page interview with RHCP was also in this issue of A. P. (Alternative Press Magazine) with photos of  the Red Hot Chili Peppers in period costumes/settings and lots of quotes and information on the non-John Frusicante years, how the band have got themselves together for Californication and Frusciante’s battle with drugs. Well written and informative. ‘Can the Red Hot Chili Peppers Live Through This?’

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