Return of the Dream Canteen

Comments have been made by Red Hot Chili Peppers’ band members during interviews saying they had written enough material for a second album and that was confirmed with RHCP’s announcement during the Denver concert and on social media, that another double album, entitled Return of the Dream Canteen, will be released on 14th October!¬†

As always when a new album is announced, rumour and speculation is running hand in hand with facts and it’s hard to distinguish which is which. Early on today, two different photos of a track list appeared. Both were hand-written with one looking like it was written by AK. Then photos came out showing what looked like the back of the album with the (same) track list shown. I’ve only just got time to post and I went to look for the artwork photos only to struggle to find one. I did see a comment on a fan Instagram account saying the artwork pics were fake. We’ll know definitely at some point.

Flea says he “thinks” Tippa My Tongue is the first single- there is video online of the band announcing the new album during the Denver concert. Again, I’ve seen posts saying this single will be out on Friday (29th July) but I can’t find any official confirmation of that as yet. The only date given officially is 14th October for the album release.

As for vinyl… It seems like pre-orders were released for both a pink and a white limited edition vinyl over what was night time for those of us outside America (sketchy info based on what I’ve seen others say as the posts had gone by morning here). It seems the pre-orders were linked to (the time of) the concert and were only available to American fans. Dark Side Records are currently (in case this link goes too!) offering a pre-order with an alterative cover (second one shown):

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