Are RHCP only playing Israel this year?

I’ve been checking the official Red Hot Chili Peppers’ website over the last couple of weeks (mostly in surprise that it hadn’t been updated and festivals which had been cancelled were showing as going ahead), and all the booked dates for 2021 were still showing a few days ago – including ones where the festival has been cancelled by the organisers.

However, the website has recently been updated and is now only showing the Funkyard Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel, on 23rd June. All other dates have been removed including the festivals which have not (yet) been cancelled by their organisers.

It could be just a glitch, or even that Funkyard has confirmed and the other festivals haven’t, but currently only the one date is listed. There could be a number of reasons and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are only playing Israel (or that Funkyard itself is a definite), but the other festivals are not currently showing.

Guess it’s a case of watch this space.

Source: Tour

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