Frusciante and Flea Dublab Show

Last night, RHCP’s John Frusciante and Flea hosted a two hour show on Dublab. They were selecting and playing tracks which influenced them in their youth, and while it was mostly music, there was some chat and reminiscing in-between with a couple of Chili Pepper anecdotes thrown in.

Longer version with some songs although it’s not the full thing:

Shorter version of just the chat:

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I've been a RHCP fan ever since I heard Under The Bridge way back in the mists of time. I brought BSSM and then their other albums but RHCP were just another band I listened to (I was a massive GNR fan at the time) but that changed once I heard Californication! I've been involved with the online RHCP scene since 2006, getting more heavily involved as time passed, and eventually the time was right to set up my own website dedicated to the band and thus, TheChiliSource was born. Since then I've also set up along with various Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr pages connected to my websites and RHCP.

1 thought on “Frusciante and Flea Dublab Show

  1. I was in contact with dublab after Flea & Fru’s show, just to say thank you and send a small donation. Dublab said they would forward my email on to Fru & Flea.

    I asked if a follow up show, a part 2, was a possibility and was told ‘yes’. Dublab said Fru had enjoyed making the broadcast very much.

    I can let you have a copy of my email and dublab’s reply if you’d like?

    But it seems a second show may well be in the planning stages, which is music to my ears.

    Kind regards


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