Article about Flea’s memoir ‘Acid For The Children’

A brief article about Flea’s book, ‘Acid For the Children’ has been published. The book will examine Flea’s childhood & is now due for publication on the 27th November:

“It’s easy to tell funny stories about the ridiculous, crazy things you did as a kid. But to get underneath the things that happened, to really look at back at my childhood with distance in between, and have that retrospective introspection… I just thought that would be a great spiritual exercise.”

BTW It apparently looks at Flea’s early years only and “It ends where The Red Hot Chili Peppers begins.” I think lots of people were assuming it was going to be more along the “Scar Tissue” lines, with some actual early RHCP related content, but that seems not to be the case (although I’m guessing that there will be mentions of fellow RHCP member, Anthony Kiedis, since they were childhood friends).

Full article HERE

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