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  1. Hello anthony .i alwayscwanted to see you again we met when in twenties in florida ive seen you in concert n weatpalm bch several times . i was at one show and all that i could spit out of my mounth was i know you from before. When someone came from back stage ti say what was i trying to say .so here i am wamted to say if i could of talked to you again. I was a friends with johnny depp. First time inmet you inwas sleeping at a friends house and i woke up and you were in the house in mirimar where i was sleeping. Then in 83 i met you again i was at inverrary staying at obviouly a friend of yurs apt. He had a huge musrache lol you seen me at the pool n one day your friend said anthony wants ti meet you i was like whos anthony. Anyway we met i thought you were awesome good looking n hot. We walked around a bit and and day or 2 later yur friend said anthonys by the pool ibwent to the pool. And you were handing tshirts out at the pool you seen me and came over to me we talked and you invited me to go with you to west indies.you.i wanted to be with you in the worst way n go with you you as i. Liked you so much but i said i cant and you said come on ill take you to yur moms to pick up your clothes anyway at that time i was a bit esstranged i didnt want to tell you why but i was in trouble for something i did not do .and before i gmmet you i left by accident a whole suicase of clothes in the car that brought me to where we met .and probably if i had my clothes i would of went. All i knew was you were anthony sure you became famous but not when we met .well theirs more to say but ive written enough but just saying thats the reasons i didnt go with you i wanted you so bad when you went to kiss me but like i said i was estranged at the time .well i wish we hd gone together i was smoking for you all i had was some tshirts you gave me at the pool ty died. T shirts. BTzw do you remember me you were probably 20 yrs old. …yes its been a ling time but id loed to know if you remembered me look me up on. Facebook patricia DeVito id love to chat you were exactly what i wanted back then but i was so estranged when we met i ld love to tell you why .i knew back then many people who became famous still do but you stole my heart back then .my friend and pleace look me up theirs more to tell sincerly trisha

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