Mail for Blackie

Anthony’s father, Blackie Dammett, still loves getting mail if people would like to send him something. There’s no need to write (just sign it so people can see who it is from sort of thing) as he only looks at the pictures these days. He especially likes pictures of dogs or wolves. Postcards/cards/photos are the best things to send him. He won’t reply but he really enjoys getting mail and opening it.

You can contact him using this address:

B. Dammett, c/o P. Noble Idema,
PO Box 426,
Michigan 49301

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3 thoughts on “Mail for Blackie

  1. Hi blackie .i have yur po box ill send. I met anthony before he was really well know wish we could talk. Anyway. HAPPY HOLIDAYS BLACKIE. And by the way i tried to say i know you from before

  2. I am halfway through your first book.
    Huge apologies from an Australian dumb arse! I

    Sorry your father has passed.
    Stay strong with the love people fullly send to u.

    Suck it up

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