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Translation in English by TheRedFrusciante

This isn’t your first time in Moscow, how do you like it here?
This is the sixth time I’ve come here. I really enjoy here. I was particularly touched by how it’s different here compared to my home country. History, especially. And culture.

What is it like to be the youngest musician in history included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
Frankly, I do not really think about it. It’s not really any different. Perhaps this is the sort of thing where you can brag to your parents or friends, nothing more.

That is, you still have something to dream?
Oh sure. Because I don’t think I did enough to be included in the Hall of Fame.

Would you call yourself a dreamer?
Oh yeah!

When you played in Moscow in 2012, there was a woman in the crowd with a sign on which was written “Josh, marry me.” How do you feel about such fan-love?
Interestingly, while today it has come? (Laughs) To be honest, I did not really even see anything from the stage, I used to hide behind my hair like a curtain. Well, then, I think I’m not all like me, that is enough to get a “dislike”, so to speak. But, of course, when I see some kind of special relationship to itself, it is very cute. And at the same time strange, considering that not long ago I wasn’t in the group.

And speaking of this “dislike”, do you get tired of the constant comparisons with John Frusciante (Ed -.. Guitarist of the band from 1998 to 2009)?
Of course, bored. On that note, it is an honor to be part of this group, and an honor be mentioned in the same context with Frusciante. But all these comparisons are absurd. Seriously, the man who is trying to compare us, except an idiot can not name. Because we’re two completely different people. I tried never to imitate his technique. And, of course, I was not trying to get him to leave the band.

I think you have repeatedly asked this question, but how did you meet Frusciante?
After Bob Forrest (Ed. Musician, creator groups Thelonious Monster and The Bicycle Thief), I played with him. With his help, I met with the rest of the RHCP.

Have you been on good terms with John since?
They are not good and not bad. I would say that there is not much of a relationship at the moment. Between us, at some point, there was a kind of emptiness – he tried as much as possible to distance himself from the group, and I, on the contrary, had to learn to live in it. We do not quarrel, just somehow our paths diverged. I think someday we will again be able to communicate well.

But you were with him in the same wonderful joint project Ataxia, why do not you continue to work on it?
We did not stop, because you never by themselves, and did not start. We recorded two albums – five songs each – per week. Then the bass player (Joe Lello) went to Italy with his family. John returned to RHCP, I began to work with other people.

Would you like to write something again with Frusciante?
Yes, definitely.

Do you have a good relationship with the participants of RHCP – do you get along?
Oh yeah. I have to get along with them (smiling) I hope we all well.
Is there any misunderstandings due to differences in age since you’re the youngest in the group? (Ed. Josh 36)
It happens sometimes. But they’re all so young at heart, I sometimes begin to feel like the oldest. (Laughs) You know, like I’m their father, but they are just kids who jump around and go crazy. But, of course, they have much more life experience than me, and they have so long together in one group. Perhaps the main difference between us is that they all have children, and I do not have kids, but it makes me think that they are older.

When the whole group is being interviewed, I noticed that you are the least talkative. Are you an introvert?
I think yes. I also do not always have something to say. And I have often leaves interesting answer questions. They are in this respect just aces. I’ll do better than anything else.

On stage, you move a lot, simultaneously playing guitar and singing. Is it hard physically?
Yes, but I had to get used to it. (Laughs) A few years ago, in 2012, by the way, one month after our performance in Moscow, I broke my leg and played sitting at concerts. I feel like that was so much easier. But you know, I still really like all the movement on stage, every time you seem to challenge yourself.
You have a band called Dot Hacker, and the sound is very different from what you do in RHCP. Do you like variety?
I started it even before I was called into the RHCP. Ever wanted your group. After all, from the moment I came into music as a teenager, I did nothing, I played with the other. And so for 10 years. And then I met some good guys, and we started this project. Only because of employment we could not really go with his material on tour. We recorded two albums, that soon the third out. I like that I have my own, even a small group, in which I can sing, play, compose music and lyrics.

When you’re on tour, what do you usually do, if given free time?
It depends on where I go. This time we came to Moscow, and I immediately went for a walk around the city, looked in a pair of pretty cafes. When we were in Paris, I went to a lot of museums in Amsterdam, riding a bike. I really like Europe, it is very different from California. But more often, I probably just stay in a room and play the guitar, read, look at the laptop.

What do you usually read?
Articles, small novels. Now I read stories of Jonathan Ames, articles Christopher Hitchens. I also have to have a novel by James Ballard. I tried to start it three times, but something still /can. General now usually read something fairly short, novels are not read for a long time.

Is literature in the works?
Of course. If I could change one thing about myself- although so much in itself has changed – I would like to be a normal reader. I often get distracted by something and don’t finish the books. Sometimes I look in the book, but my head is spinning some completely extraneous thoughts. Do not know if I need medicine for that (laughs). Reading is a beautiful thing, the more you read, the more ideas come to mind, again, the best brains move. Even in terms of creativity helps me walk. Noah and it’s not so often do. I sit at home, play the guitar or the piano and think, “I should go outside. Yes, we must. But not today”.

On the cover of the latest RHCP album “The Getaway” it shows the girl, bear, raccoon, and a sparrow. Keidis once said in an interview that each of these images is directly related to the group. And it turned out that you – it’s a girl. Did you not hurt him for it?
No, why would I? Girls are the prettiest of all. Better though I’m a human being than a bear or raccoon. (Laughs)

In the pictures you are often seen with hats, this is your style?
I’m used to wearing, because I do not like my hair. But I need them on the stage. In the life of walking with such  long hair that I do not like, so my choice – cap .. It is time, perhaps, has put them in order. (Laughs)

You were recently in Poland, and you sang a song on your own, one without Anthony. Does this happen often?
It so happened that Anthony needed to rest a couple of minutes, and then he asked me to sing something. The problem is that I kept forgetting the words. By the way, this “break” for me to sing a solo song is more of a tradition that started with John (Frusciante). And at first I did not want to accept it because it’s his “trick.” But Anthony really requested it. Gradually, I got used to and learn to enjoy it.

Do you have a favorite song from the repertoire of RHCP?
Sikamikanico, b-sides album of the year 1991 «Blood Sugar Sex Magik”, currently on you, it is fantastic. Its still used as the soundtrack to the comedy “Wayne’s World”. The feeling that the song is divided into three separate parts.

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