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Flea was interviewed recently while on tour in Hungary; you can read the original interview HERE. Besides some basic information about the band, the new album and the Budapest concert, the article is also contains an interview with Flea which has been translated into English for us:

Flea says before the first Budapest show: “We arrived in Budapest earlier this week because this city is the first stop of the fall arena tour, so we had to rehearse the show, plus we have new visuals. Recently we had a festival tour in Asia, North America and Europe.”

Flea talks about his Hungarian roots, namely that his paternal grandfather emigrated from Hungary to Australia. “It was nice to walk the streets of Budapest with my ten year old daughter. I was truly touched by being here, and knowing that I am also the part of the Hungarian culture. However, I have never lived here, never spoken the language, and have no knowledge about relatives living here. My name does not really sounds like a Hungarian one either, however, I can imagine that when the immigrants of the first half of the century arrived to Australia their names were recorded by pronunciation, and the authorities might have misheard them, and recorded them incorrectly.”

Flea does not remember their 1996 show in Hungary. “However, I remember that we arrived three days before the show because I wanted to watch Dire Straits perform here.”

The band recently seems more cohesive than ever. When John Frusciante left the band in 2009, Flea thought that it might be over, however, Josh came and the band works with him perfectly. “I guess all the band members would give four different answers to what defines the band’s inner strength. We are different personalities, we think different, we have different musical taste and background. But I am sure we share the love for music which strengthens creativity. Anthony and I still share an intense relationship, we consider each other as brothers, at the same time we have this ongoing rivalry between us. When I go on stage my goal is to let the rhythm get through me and make people feel touched by the music.”

The new album The Getaway looks like it lacks the rebellion and anger which the albums from the 80s and 90s owned.
“Tell those people who say that that I’ll knock them out. Putting the jokes aside, if you know any band in the world that rocks more than us, you are wrong. The intense rock is still defines our music… The Red Hot Chili Peppers is only able to take a step forward if we introduce new elements to our music.”

Flea also remembers the Blood Sugar Sex Magik era. He says they were able to truly relax in the studio that time first. “It was a crazy time, we have just began to learn life.”

He talks about his bees too: “The balance of nature is very important to me. The death of the bees is a huge issue all around the world. It is also important to me to eat healthy food, and honey is one of those. Cooperation between the bees for a long-term goal can be a good role model for our band chemistry as well.”


Many thanks to Csenge H for the link and the translation- much appreciated!

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  1. According to records, the Flea’s Hungarian born relative was Albert Vincent Balzary
    of Dunolly, VIC, Australia (1814 – 1865). Husband of Honoria Lovett born Dublin in 1814. Albert went to Australia during the gold rush of the 1850s (which was much earlier than WW1 as has been suggested)

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