RHCP in Blick Newspaper

Blick newspaper is running an article about RHCP in Bern (for the festival tonight) and there are a number of photos of the band out and about; Chad posing with a newspaper, Josh walking along the street and AK out for dinner with his new girlfriend:

Ful article and photos HERE

(The photos are on the top- scroll through them using arrows).
And thanks to everyone who messaged me while I was at work today!

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I've been a RHCP fan ever since I heard Under The Bridge way back in the mists of time. I brought BSSM and then their other albums but RHCP were just another band I listened to (I was a massive GNR fan at the time) but that changed once I heard Californication! I've been involved with the online RHCP scene since 2006, getting more heavily involved as time passed, and eventually the time was right to set up my own website dedicated to the band and thus, TheChiliSource was born. Since then I've also set up AnthonyKiedis.net along with various Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr pages connected to my websites and RHCP.