Flea Discussing the making of ‘We Turn Red’


Flea talks about recording ‘We Turn Red’

That was also one we came up with in the studio with Brian. It started with a drum loop; Chad played a bit of drums and Brian looped it and it just sounded hard. And you know, we just laid some bass and guitar and some stuff and started making parts and just trying to make something dynamic and beautiful. And you know it was funny coz I was so worried about us losing the live feeling from writing stuff, the songs that we wrote in the studio, in this kinda layered way, but we actually really gained something coz we kept our live energy but we gained this thoughtfulness in writing where, when you’re just jamming with something, with guys and it’s really in the moment, it’s this real spontaneous thing in the moment, but when you’re building like that and you’re kinda taking time with each part as you write it, there’s a new part of thoughtfulness that which comes into the creative process, which we haven’t had before. And it was really cool and you know, there’s like five songs on the record that we wrote in this way and because of that, they have like a different type of thoughtfulness and ‘We Turn Red’ is one of those.

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