Chad Smith Interview on Absolute Radio

Chad Smith has just been interview on Absolute Radio here in the UK (May 17th). I’m not a typist so I couldn’t keep up with everything so I took notes. Milan at has recorded it but I have a migraine and sorry I don’t feel like transcribing the whole thing now. These are the main things:


Everyone said hello and then the interviewer asked about Anthony Kiedis following his hospitalization and cancellation of the Weenie Roast gig:

CS: Anthony Kiedis had stomach flu a couple of weeks ago and it came back. He’s on the mend and we will be playing this weekend (Ohio, Rock in the Range).

The conversation then moved to the new RHCP album, ‘The Getaway’ and the release date being a month today:

CS: [Joking] It’s like having a c-section on the 17th June and it’s coming out! Ready or not!

He then went on to mention the ups and downs e.g. Flea breaking his arm the first time they were in the studio.

It then moved to a discussion about Rick Rubin not producing for the first time in 25 years.

CS: We love Rick Rubin and he’s a great friend of ours but we just wanted to do something different and try someone new be inspired in a different way which lead to Brian and Nigel. Collaborative effort

‘Dark Necessities’ was then played with a crazy intro from Chad!

CS: Talking about live performances; proper bands love to play!

On playing festivals:

CS: It’s difficult putting a set list together because we want to play new songs but at a festival don’t have just fans so it’s a difficult balance. Also have a shorter set which has an effect.

On set lists: Anthony Kiedis is in charge of writing the set list and how his voice is feeling is taken into account but we all have an input. Says he thinks Reading set list will be different to the Leeds set list.

Fan Question: Chad Smith explains they’ve not played anything live yet. They had planned to play Dark Necessities at Weenie Roast. They haven’t played any of the new songs yet.

Talking about playing the new songs: I love ‘Turning Red’; ‘Go Robot’ is a funky song I love playing. Will possibly be a single.

Fan Question: Where do you see the band in 10 years?

CS: Playing concerts and enjoying life! Will keep going! What else could I do?!




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