Showing Miley Cyrus How It’s Done!

Just for a bit of fun! This cropped up in my search feeds; it’s an article about how other rock stars can teach Miley Cyrus a thing or two about getting naked on stage following an announcement she will perform a concert entirely nude. The Chili Peppers are featured in the list at number 6:




Even before the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s broke big musically with their signature punky-freaky wig-out alt-metal slamborees, the band was infamous—or should that be “skinfamous”?—for their very particular (lack of) stage attire.

The first few RHCP lineups performed in a uniform consisting of “socks on c-cks,”and that is exactly what it sounds like. The band covered their genitals with dangling tube socks, and tore it up.

Full article on VH1

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