Flea Update

A couple of articles have come out in the last couple of days about Flea.

One is another post about Flea’s forthcoming autobiography (no publishing date yet) saying that the bassist now has a publishing deal with Grand Central Publishing, a division of the Hachette Book Group:

Grand Central announced Tuesday that the book, currently untitled, would be a window into Flea’s “intense and dynamic life.” He will cover his years with singer Anthony Kiedis and his “tumultuous” path with the Red Hot Chili Peppers over the past three decades. Source


The other was an article about Flea’s appearance on the Larry king show with a video (sorry can’t find an embed link) talking about his childhood and appearance in the ‘Low Down’  movie:

“I was kind of a rough kid. I was on the street, I was getting in trouble, I was doing petty crimes, I was on drugs. The one thing that kept me focused was the music programs in the public schools that I went to, it gave you a sense of self, a sense of discipline, something to work on.” 

Full article including video HERE

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