Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Knebworth Tickets

I know from Facebook, etc. that there’s some panic over the arrival of Knebworth tickets for the RHCP concert on Saturday 23rd June. One of the tickets I ordered for a friend arrived this morning (I got the email notification to say they’d been sent yesterday) and I’ve had an email to say my other tickets and car park permit have been dispatched today… so they are coming out! Another friend is still waiting for her ticket and she was told that 67% of tickets have been dispatched so hopefully everyone will have got an email confirmation and the actual tickets in the next few days!

For those of you interested, it’s not actually a ticket but a micro-chipped wristband that has the full details of your ticket and any extras included in it; there’s also a leaflet with more details:

RHCP Knebworth 23rd June 2012: Ticket /wristband:

Red Hot Chili Peppers Knebworth wristband

RHCP Knebworth 23rd June 2012: Information Leaflet

red hot chili peppers knebworth england concert leaflet

red hot chili peppers knebworth england concert

 Update: Parking Permit

The rest of my tickets and the parking permit arrived today 😀


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