RHCP Brazil: Did I Let You Know? Video

As some of you may know, our friends over at RHCP Brazil have been involved in putting together a video for ‘Did I Let You Know’ in which a number of very lucky Red Hot Chili Peppers fans from Brazil were invited to take part; here’s what they have to say about it:

Did I Let You Know – A video made by brazilian fans to celebrate the single here in Brazil. A tribute from the bottom of our hearts, a beautiful production.

Supported by Warner Brazil and Chilli Beans (who made the making of), brazilian fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers got together and recorded a music video for Did I Let You Know in tribute to the band.

Along with an unprecedented and never before seen in the country, devoted fans of the band got together in the city of Rio de Janeiro for the video shooting

Through a project called “A Mosca Sabe” (The Fly Knows) fans from all over the country were selected to be part of the video.

The project was created to gather some secrets of the fans involved on it. Doing this, the the famous fly that illustrates the cover of the latest studio album of the Chili Peppers, released in August last year, would also share a huge secret with all of them.

After months waiting, finally we are here to tell you this secret we’ve been saving for so long.

People are asking if it’s official? It’s not. But it might be someday.

Stay tuned for the subtitled version. If you don’t speak Portuguese, it will make more sense after seeing the subtitled version 🙂

The Video: 

RHCP’s Reaction!

Chad has just tweeted about the video:

 The” Did I let you know” video. Made by our Brazilian fans is very cool! I love it! Thanks so much! Source

And Josh Klinghoffer made a lovely post about it on RHCP’s official website:

Hello there!  Good morning!  Right now it’s 8.56a in LA and the morning couldn’t be more perfect.  There is a particular kind of morning I prefer…and this is it.  After having a bit of time on my hands, yesterday saw the return of a very special thing to my life.  Today shall see it as well.  Making music with your friends is an unbelievable thing.  A feeling you can’t find anywhere else…for me.

After having such a joyous day, as I lay my head down to sleep, I had a gander at a video for the song “Did I Let You Know” done by some wonderful people in Brazil.  I just wanted to say that the smiles on all of those beautiful faces and the love that is very clear throughout that video made me a very, very happy camper.  Someone should send that video to the tourist board as an advert for the incredible capacity for love and happiness the people of Brazil have.  I just wanted to thank everyone who took part in that for making such a special song for me even more special.  The smiles I see in that video are priceless tokens of affection.  Wow, look what you making me sound like!!!

I’ll have to get Mauro to translate it for me, but this I do know…obrigado!  OBRIGADO!!!!!!!!! Source

Congratulations to Altair and Ana (because I know them so well!)- they worked so hard behind the scenes organising this- and to everyone else who was involved- it’s a great testament to your love for RHCP 🙂











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  1. Sou uma fã brasileira mais infelizmente não participei do clipe….
    Ficou ótimo!

    love rhcp!

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