Hopefully We’re Back!

I’ve had massive issues being able to post on this site and also on AnthonyKiedis.net due to changes the hosting company made to their security settings and it’s made posting on the site virtually impossible as even logging on used more than my allocated allowance on the shared server- with the possibility of the sites being taken offline (some of you may have see the ‘resource exceeded’ error message when the site was taken offline as a result of trying to post a couple of photographs). I decided it was better to leave the sites running as they were than risk them being taken offline because I’d tried to make a post. It took a while to work out where the issue was and then for the host company to be able to replicate it so they could work out exactly what was happening and change settings to rectify it (all this wasn’t helped by the death of my uncle and a close family member ending back up in rehab which meant I had weeks away from the computer while this was going on). I’ve now been told the issue has been fixed and asked to try posting to make sure… so here goes!! I had a massive catch up on AnthonyKiedis.net on Saturday with no issues so fingers crossed for here over the next few days!