RHCP Updates- Voting and US Tour Dates

For those of you asking about US Tour dates, Flea was asked about concert dates for RHCP in New York during a Q & A session on Twitter and he replied that the Red Hot Chili Peppers would be playing the Big Apple early next year (2012)

 In addition, Chad made a comment on Twitter about RHCP playing America:

Chad Smith says Red Hot Chili peppers to annouce US tour dates in December

Lots of people asking about n.american tour dates..we will announce them in december. Thanks for your patience..stay tuned!

(Thanks to Venice Queen for the heads up on this)

And for those of you who like voting, there are a couple of online polls featuring RHCP at the moment:

Red Hot Chili Peppers have been nominated for induction to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame along with several other artists and there is an online vote for fans to indicate who they would like to see inducted from the nominee list. RHCP are currently coming second to Guns N’ Roses. Vote in the Hall of Fame Poll HERE

And Loudwire is running a deathmatch between RHCP’s ‘Monarchy of Roses’  and Evanescence’s  ‘What You Want’ right now and the Chili Peppers are being trashed 🙁



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2 thoughts on “RHCP Updates- Voting and US Tour Dates

  1. I admire you Squitherwitch.
    What you’re doing is awesome!!!
    You’re doing great and are so up to date with everything.
    This site has made it onto my very special bookmarks.
    Good luck (:
    -RHCP_daph (:

    • Thank you! That means a lot; I love running my Peppers sites but it’s always lovely to know that other people appreciate them too. Real life and Chili Peppers gigs have kind of got in the way over the last 7 weeks but hopefully after this weekend (I’m off seeing RHCP on their two dates in Birmingham) I’ll have more time to sit down and do more- have a lot more magazines to scan and upload, articles to add and the new tour section to sort out so there’s lots more coming to here and AnthonyKiedis.net 😀

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