RHCP Latest News & Two New Back Issue Scans

Some brief RHCP news:

Look Around:

Look Around will apparently be the next single off the Chili Peppers’ latest album, I’m With You.

Thanks to Venice Queen & RHCP France for the info. 

RHCP & Greece:

It also seems that RHCP will be playing a concert in Greece next summer (no actual details yet) according to Rock Pop Greece Magazine.

Thanks to Mbir for the link and details.

Behind the Scenes: Monarchy of Roses video:

The official RHCP YouTube channel has uploaded a brief behind the scenes video of the making of the video for the single Monarch of Roses; it featues green screen shots and and goofing about; enjoy 🙂 :

Thanks to Laura, Mark and everyone else who’s linked me to this 🙂

Back Issue Magazine Scans:

Two new back issues featuring interviews with Anthony Kiedis amongst other features have also been uploaded. Both are from the British music magazine Q with one magazine from 1999 concentrating on Californication and festival dates and the other from 2006 looking at the UK concert dates and Stadium Arcadium.

Here’s an extract from the 1999 magazine review of Californication:

But even if there appears to be nothing essentially different about Californication, the band’s intrinsically eclectic nature ensures that they wander into new musical areas: the dreamlike Road Tripping is McCartney’s Blackbird as viewed through acid trails; the tumbling, jazz-flecked Porcelain features Kiedis at his most poetic, softly lamenting squandered youth and drug-decayed beauty (“Are you wasting away in your skin?/Someone said you’re fading too soon/Drifting and floating and fading away”).

While All Saints’ cooing Xerox of Under The Bridge (without the “drawing blood” lyric) perhaps fuelled the argument that behind the tattoos and pecs, Red Hot Chili Peppers are fine songwriters, the five-minute title track recalls the reflective atmosphere of their best-known song with an unambiguous comment upon the more shallow values of their adopted West Coast home where earthquakes are “just another good vibration”. Elsewhere, they reinforce their knack for great, unusual; pop with the Police-echoing Otherside, the skippy, oblique Scar Tissue and the strident, rallying Easily.

Scans and full interview: Q Magazine July 1999

Here’s an extract from the 2006 Anthony Kiedis interview:

Dodgy burger van or bring your own sandwiches?

I’m sure a rarefied, elitist pig when it comes to eating clean, good food I can’t even begin to imagine playing a show and having to eat the catering you see at some of these places.

What’s your fantasy festival line-up?

Pretty much any guitar player named Jimmy, whether it’s Page or Hendrix. Jimmy Page came to see us a couple of times when we played London, and it was really the most exciting backstage moment we ever had. But I’ve never been able to see him play. I’ve never also seen Patti Smith play, but I think I might get a chance to see her this summer. She may even join us for a number.

The magazine also features several mentions of Stadium Arcadium e.g. recommended album with Wet Sand named as one of the month’s top 50 songs etc.

Scans and full interview: Q Magazine July 2006

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