Exclusive Photos of RHCP Live at 02 Arena

 Anthony Kiedis Chad Smith Red Hot Chili Peppers November 2011

 Red Hot Chili Peppers concert November 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith November 2011

I was at the O2 Arena, London, last night (November 7th 2011) for the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ concert and after queuing for over 10 hours, I got a front row spot right in front of Anthony Kiedis himself! I’ve got the bruises, cuts, etc. to prove the fact I stuck it out – and a set list that I got as a result of a security guard trying to make up for the fact he dropped somebody directly on my head!

It was pretty crazy; I was texting the song titles to a friend to post for me as each song was played while trying to take photos in the crowd frenzy at the front of stage; I was having to hang onto the camera & take the photos while trying to brace myself from being slammed into the barrier, so it was hard to frame the pictures, but I managed to take about 200 photos which I’ve edited, sorted and the best have now been uploaded. My proper camera wouldn’t have been allowed in so I borrowed a camera and literally took photos until the battery died. A couple of photos were also taken using my iPhone; they are a bit fuzzy but I thought I’d add the few best ones as they show slightly different shots/angles to the rest.

A review is to follow but I’ve travelled home today and have spent the whole evening sorting, editing and spent the whole evening sorting, editing and uploading the photos I took as I know people are asking for them. Enjoy :D

90 Photos of RHCP O2 Arena 7th November 2011

For those interested in Anthony Kiedis, a gallery of 77 photos focusing on him at the event have been added on AnthonyKiedis.net here: Anthony Kiedis /RHCP at 02 Arena, London 7th November 2011

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4 thoughts on “Exclusive Photos of RHCP Live at 02 Arena

  1. Thank you for the photos, I was waiting for those today, as you told me in the queue you will posting here on wed. Great show and what a day eh, 10 hours!! omg! Until the next one, take care.

    • So glad you checked them out! A review will be added but I was back in London on Thursday for the show after getting home late on Tuesday and real life (kids! lol) took over in that time… Have over 150 photos from Thursday which will be up this weekend- if not today!

  2. Hi
    I’m seeing RHCP on Monday in Manchester – am soooooooooo excited!!
    Enjoyed your pics!!

    Quick Q – how long did the cocert last?

    • About 1.5 hours for Bercy and Monday 7th at O2 Arena; also saw them on Thursday (will get photos online as soon as I can) and that was 1 hour 45 minutes- 10 minute end jam which was amazing!

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