Videos from last night’s gig in Hong Kong!

Red Hot Chili Peppers Hong Kong

Set List:

1. BTW 
2. Charlie 
3. Can’t stop 
4. Scar tissue 
5. Look around 
6. Dani California 
7. I like dirt 
8. Otherside 
9. Rain dance Maggie 
10. Throw away ur television 
11. Jam 
12. Universally speaking 
13. Right on time 
14. Cali 
15. Higher around 
16. Under the bridge 
17. Sir Psycho Sexy 
18. Theyre red hot 
19. Give it away

Can’t Stop

Short clip of By The Way

Scar Tissue

Right on Time


Give it Away

Another clip of  By the Way

Short clip of new song Look Around

UPDATE:  More videos


Longer clip of  Look Around

Dani California


 Forum Discussion thread with photos, videos of nearly every sond on the set list, etc. HERE

Very big thanks to Andjelka who kept updating! Thank you very much!

1 thought on “Videos from last night’s gig in Hong Kong!

  1. I went to the concert and it was amazing. A dream come true. Now my only other dream is to jam with you guys. I’m a bass player and Flea and the rest of the guys are my idols. I am only 13 and haven’t followed the band for a long time but as soon as I heard the beautiful music touch my ears, it was the longing for more that grew rapidly inside of me. I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers and always will!!!


    Rahul Padmasola

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