Track by track descriptions from Crossbeat Magazine.

A Japanese fan was so nice enough to buy and translate the magazine for us RHCP fans. We’d like to thank him for all he’s done.

Anyway, here are the song descriptions:

“1. Monarchy or Roses
– Fuzz toned guitar with distorted vocal and Flea’s disco-like octave bass lines show how rhcp have come to the new era as a band.

2. Factory of Faith
– Begins with uplifting feeling bass lines and Chad’s heavy beat. Anthony’s rap-like vocal and Josh’s flangered cutting guitar. it somehow reminds you of punk disco in 80s. Real funky song.

3. Brendan’s Death Song
– Created on the very first day Josh jammed with the band. Josh’s soulful acoustic guitar and Anthony’s melancholic vocal.

4. Look Around
– Disco-ish crap featured with funk and rap vocal. with melodic melody. really rhcp sounding song. Jazzy bridge. Backing guitar that has floating feeling and mind blowing guitar solo tell you how amazing Josh is as a guitarist. Money Mark plays organ in this song.

5. Annie Wants A Baby
– Begins with bass intro and heavy drum beat. Anthony’s melancholic sorrowful melody is notable. You can really hear Josh’s beautiful voice in this.

6. Goodbye Hooray
– Punkish and heavy guitar riff and sorrowful chorus. Up tempo song that might be their next anthem. Flea’s bass solo in the middle is breathtaking, which is technical, but also melodic. Josh’s voice in the bridge is notable too.

7. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
– i dont think we need this one. SKIP.

8. Happiness Loves Company
– Begins with soulful sounding piano. This might be their new anthem too. Anthony’s amazing lyrics.

9. Police Station
– As well as the last song, its a soulful song with a piano in it. Guitar and bass mixed incredibly well. Anthony’s breathtaking vocal. Josh’s incredibly emotional guitar solo would make you cry.

10. Ethiopia
– Starts with Flea saying “this song begins with bass!” Astounding seventuple (? srry didnt know how to translate) measure. Catchy melody.

11. Even You Brutus?
– Hiphop-ish beat with groovy piano riff and Anthony’s melancholic rap vocal make a great harmony. Rick Rubin influence can be seen, who has close relationship with hip hop music.

12. Did I Let You Know
– African high life music can be seen from guitar and the rhythm. Uplifting rhythm with trumpet solo. Anthony’s emotional vocal. Great percussions. Josh’s crazy wah wah guitar solo reminds you of Jimi Hendrix.

13. Meet Me At the Corner
– Really RHCP-ish melancholic melody. Girlish sounding back chorus by Josh. Anthony’s words express man’s feeling about love and relationships.

14. Dance, Dance, Dance
– Chad first came up with the beat when jamming. Afrobeat-like syncopated rhythm reminds you of Fela Kuti. Seems to be Flea’s favorite song, as described “its melancholic sound makes you happy.” peppers style funk and great melody. great party song youd love to hear live.”