RHCP Playing LA’s Troubadour Tonight?

OK… Earlier on we reported on a rumour that was kicking around on Facebook about there being another secret RHCP show at the Troubadour in LA tonight; we traced this back to the original post on RHCP Brazil  which said  that RHCP were rumoured to be playing the secret show at The Troubadour tonight with Bob Forrest’s Thelonious Monster in support.

Despite trying to find out more info, one of our Twitter followers leaving a message at the Troubadour, etc. we couldn’t find out any more about it so we assumed it was just a rumour and posted to say that… However, it might be all change again! Bob Forrest has tweeted to say he’s going to the Troubadour tonight:

@BobForrest_HRS: Going to troubadour tonight. Dinner at Dan Tanas. I Love LA

(Thanks to @nesslurpee  for the heads up on this)

And Zuma Dogg who was with RHCP last night has tweeted this:

@anapower I heard #RHCP “Secret Show” is at Troubadour, tonight. I gave a tiny mention, last night. Heard it discussed @ tour bus. 

They saw a tweet of mine go out on my other account for my Anthony Kiedis website about this and replied: 

@AKiedisnet NEAR the tour bus. They didn’t let me ON the tour bus. Heard person say, “So it’s at the Troubadour, tomorrow?” (On Saturday.)

And this From AriannyCeleste (a UFC Octagon Girl who was photographed with Anthony a while back. Thanks to Cali4nication for the info):

Getting ready to go watch Red Hot Chili Peppers live with @AllieCohen 😀

 So make of this what you will; it seems something might be going on so if you are in the area it might be worth checking out! Wasted journey v. possible chance to see RHCP in a small LA venue…. ummm! You decide! hehe!

 (Sorry it’s 1 a.m. here in the UK and I’m off to bed now; the other site editor might be around later to update but they are not online right now for me to ask if they are going to be around or not, so if you have a Twitter account, it might be worth searching for Troubadour and see what comes back!) 


UPDATE: OK, several people have contacted me in the last few minutes to say it’s going ahead. Here’s the info:

Sorry have no link for this (Thanks to RHCPopper for passing this on in the comments on AthonyKiedis.net)

Nancy Berry, former Vice-Chairman of Virgin Music Group Worldwide, posted a message on her Facebook page saying, “RHCP at Troubadour in LA tonight….so excited, can’t wait !! totally kills my chances of getting my book layouts done in time for studio tomorrow…!!”


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    • Thanks! Do you have any proof of that? Sorry that sounds rude; I don’t mean it like that but we like to back everything up with a source (although I’ve just got more info which I’m about to post) so a link to the info would be much appreciated!

      • its not 100% but one of the guys that books shows at the Troubadour ( we book good bands) says that this sunday wasnt available for them because of a big band thats booking it, he didnt say it was the RHCP mostlikely its bob forest’s band but its worth a try since i live in the san fernando valley ( 20 minutes away from sunset)

    • Thank you for that! (Sorry I didn’t reply before; I’m in the UK and had gone to bed… at 4a.m. was wrecked and couldn’t stay up any more)

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