Two Days Until We Hear The Advenutres of Rain Dance Maggie!

The Latest On This! (12th July)

Zane Lowe has just tweeted again; seems like we are going to have to wait until the 18th July after all to hear the single:

red hot chili peppers the adventures of rain dance maggie first air play


Ok. RHCP. ‘The Adventures Of Raindance Maggie’. July 18. 7:30pm. BBCR1. The end

Listen on-line Here (I wsn’t sure if this would work outside the UK as sometimes the BBC blocks non-UK IP addresses but a couple of people have kindly checked and it does work- although it is worth double-checking to make sure it does work where you are.) Other radio stations are also posting about playing it on the 18th July so it might be worth checking where you are too 🙂





UPDATED (11th July)

It seems like this has now been changed; Zane Lowe has just tweeted the following:

I'm With You Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Red Hot Chili Peppers


“I know re RHCP airplay confusion, it’s a bit of a drag. Hang in there. Details will arrive soon I hope.”

“RHCP Fans: Please note ‘The Adventures Of Raindance Maggie’ will NOT be played on the 13th of July. First radio play is now TBC. Please RT.”
TCS Note: Obviously we will keep an eye on this situation and update when any more details come in. (Thanks to Alex for the update)
Original Post:

As we reported last week, UK’s BBC Radio 1 presenter, Zane Lowe, was listening to the new RHCP single and was trying to get permission to play it…. It didn’t happen last week but the radio station will be playing the song in TWO DAYS time! Here’s Zane Lowe’s tweet:


I'm with you Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Red Hot Chili Peppers 13th July 2011





‘Ok so the new RHCP single ‘The Adventures Of Raindance Maggie’ will be played for the first time in the world at 7:30pm on July 13. #BBCR1′

 Listen on-line Here (I’m not sure if it will work for listeners outside the UK because sometimes the BBC have restrictions and only allow British listed IP addresses to access their online services; I have a British IP address so if somebody could please let me know if this works for non-UK people before the date, I’d appreciate it)

Many thanks to Beth for sourcing this while I was away for the weekend!


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