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Flea’s New Bass?

It looks like Flea has a new bass; he was using a very funkadelic one at the Venice Beach gig yesterday:

 Update: Thanks to Kyle_Debts, AbsurdityTwit & Wastedjp on Twitter who inform me it’s a modified Flea bass (with 3 pickups instead of 2) 🙂

RHCP Venice Beach Photos

Loads of photos have come in for the Venice Beach Red Hot Chili Peppers concert last night (Saturday 30th July 2011). I know some people are having issues with the Imageshack photos so I’ve added the majority of them to a photo gallery:

RHCP at Venice Beach Photo Gallery


Troubadour Rumour

See new post for update

Nothing else has come in on this apart from the original posts so we’re assuming it is just a rumour as the venue isn’t apparently answering phone calls, we’ve seen nothing else about it online today, etc. We do have a Twitter follower in the area who’s going to try to go past the venue to see if anything is going on there. Will update this if we get in any positive news on the story.

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  1. i bob rock gave me autograph photo from u guys for my 50th. b-day 2001 april,that july my oldest daughter summer paid my way to oahu(i live maui)i went to a funfactory and by the way was playing,followed by ‘dont miss one island 1 nite only at blaisedail!’ i was so stoked my daughter paid my way,r u by any chance dropping off on maui,hard for me to swim 2 oahu!naana but would be unreal to hear u guys under the magical maui skys at the macc!om tao hari krishna and flow wit it!PEACE is the word(i lovre u guys) mahalo debbie guppy gibson

  2. So amazed that the passion for music has my boys(R.H.C.P), whom are already beyond busy, they are teaching that music has ,,, a certain type of agent that can help heal, touch, encourage, strengthen, communicate different languages all with a beginning beat…and all for a great cause .

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