RHCP Recording New Video/Free Concert Venice Beach?

UPDATE: The Red Hot Chili Peppers are definitely playing a concert at Venice Beach!

We are trying to keep chaos to a minimum. Yes Chili Peppers are playing impromptu concert for video shoot in Venice Beach. BE SAFE PLEASE


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Are Red Hot Chili Peppers  recording their second video for I’m With You at Venice Beach today and as a result there will be a free concert?

These comments have just been posted on Twitter:

Red Hot Chili Peppers tweet about recording new video

Blink 182 rehearsal load out tonight & tomorrow I’m working on the red hot chili peppers new video….there goes my weekend! Hahaha

Ends up we are helping with backline for Red Hot Chili Peppers on a rooftop, right on the beach in venice! Going to be a nice chill day! 🙂

Come down to Muscle Beach in Venice if you wanna catch the Red Hot Chili Peppers shooting their new video. Supposed to start at 5:30! 🙂

UPDATE: She’s now posted this:

Sure thing! Currently we are finishing the setup of the band gear on the rooftop! Filming starts in 2 hrs!!!”

Source: Jessica Hill Brewtallica

Red Hot Chili Peppers tweet playing concert

I’m here in Venice beach n their getting everything ready for a free red hot chilli peppers concert

Source: bigmexican24

Red Hot CHili Peppers concert Venice beach

@eat_poke the red hot chili peppers are playing a free show at sunset. Come and rock with some acai and poke!

Source: BaylahSinger

 UPDATE: Is this Connected?

A news story has just come in about a crane that was going to be used in a video shoot being removed by the LAPD for being parked illegally from Venice’s Muscle Beach; Muscle Beach was mentioned in one of the tweets as the place where RHCP’s concert was taking place!

Red Hot Chili Peppers filming video on Venice Beach RHCP

LAPD just descended upon a film crew set up at 19th and OFW which had a giant crane rolled into the muscle beach recreational area for the filming of a video later today. They did not have a permit to be in the park, but they gave it a good shot… LAPD made them evacuate the whole street to move the crane out which was teetering above the crowd and the paddle ball courts with pedestrians walking along the whole time. Big fat no-no and this is a pro-crew… they should have known better but it chimes in with the general disregard people have in Venice with the “get away with it if you can” attitude. They do have a permit to be on the street only on 19th and the rooftop of the building.

LAPD is patrolling the area to make sure things go along smoothly.


Thanks to Cali4nication for the info!


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