New Magazine Scan Added:Classic Rock August 2011

And still the Red Hot Chili Peppers’s stuff pours in…. 🙂 I’ve just added a full scan and transcript of the current edition of Classic Rock

new line up Red Hot Chili Peppers Flea Chad Smith Anthony Kiedis & Josh Klinghoffer

Here’s an extract:

Quiet and introverted, Josh Klinghoffer is either uncomfortable or unimpressed with the interview process, leaving Kiedis to do most of the talking. At 31, he’s young enough to be one of his bandmates’ sons.
“We tested for that,” says Kiedis with a laugh. “We made sure.”

Klinghoffer: “Age honestly doesn’t come up in my mind. I think I’ve now finally admitted to myself that I’m an adult. Even though I don’t look or act like one most of the time.”

There are trace elements of old school Chili Peppers in The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie, the first single from the album. It’s key line -”I want to rock you like the 80s” – sounds like it’s beamed in straight from Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Proving there’s life in the old horndogs yet, this snigger-worthy lyric has already upset the stuffed shirts at the BBC.

“Referencing the 80s is a fun thing to do,” says Kiedis. “Getting cock-blocked for saying ‘cock’ on British radio. British radio does not love the word ‘cock’. Hopefully the original will rise to the surface. Because it is a poignant moment in the song. You can hang your teacup on the word ‘cock’.”

Scans & Transcript here

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