New Issue of Q Magazine 2011

I know things have been kicking around from this for days e.g. a cover (this was the limited edition cover with less text than the general release edition; I now have both and the covers for both are scanned in high quality; other sites were using the advert photo for the limited edition cover taken off the eBay advert) and a transcript (which isn’t the whole thing btw) but we now have the WHOLE magazine interview scanned and FULL transcript available on site.

Here are a few extracts:

Q:If the Chili Peppers’ story were a movie, what would be the dramatic high point?

AK: Oh, Jeez, come on! So much drama! But obviously Hillel’s death was the biggest loss and turning point of our young lives at that point. To be 26 years old and lose your left heart ventricle was probably the most dramatic thing that’s ever happened to me in my life… But I love our story, for better or worse, for the pain and the gain. We’ve all been little bitches from time to time, and we’ve all grown up along the way too.

F: All the stuff that’s gone down, it’s been difficult. But because of that difficulty there’s also been great opportunity for rebirth, each time. I have learned to be grateful for challenges, because I know, as hard as it is, something great always comes. The two things cannot exist without the other.

CS: What I do know is that I would not want Will Ferrell to play me in that movie.


Q: How was it for you, Josh- joining a band with such a shared history and having to fill someone else’s rather imposing shoes?

Josh Klinghoffer: I couldn’t begin to think that I’d ever replace [Frusciante]. So I could only resolve to and do something new with these guys.

AK: As beautiful as John’s shoes were, I don’t think that we ever expected Josh to be like him – just bring out some new shoes. Josh has incredible footwear.

There’s also a full page interview with Anthony Kiedis talking about Brendan’s Death Song, a track from I’m With You, in depth.

Enjoy :)

Full Magazine Scan is in our scan collection HERE

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