AK/RHCP on Kerrang! Radio Show

Kerrang! Radio is a UK rock radio station and I knew their presenter Loz Guest had been out to interview the band as part of all of the other ‘I’m With You’ promotional interviews as Loz discussed it on his show one morning (yup it’s the station I listen to! lol) but they said they were keeping the interview for a future date… which seems to be tomorrow!

They have just tweeted: ‘Loz & Keith : Right, see ya’ll tomorrow, bright and early. We’ll have Anthony from the RHCP’s on the programme…’

red hot chili peppers radio interview I'm with you adventures of Rain Dance maggie

 Apparently the interview will be aired sometime after 8a.m. (GMT) according to their Facebook page

Radio Listen online HERE: Kerrang! Radioplayer

Many thanks to Beth for the heads up on this!

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  1. That’s great! Definitely not to be missed! Thank you for the info 🙂

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