RHCP Tour 2012 Update UK & Hong Kong

Latest UK TOUR info from Blackie Dammett:

Red hot chili peppers world tour 2011 2012 UK England Europe


i can’t say much because i’m sworn not to, but the UK will get tour dates before just about everybody, and in 2012 you’ll see a couple of the big familiar festivals just like the old days.

Latest RHCP Tour Hong Kong

Red hot chili peppers forst hong kong concert 8 9 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced their first concert in Hong Kong; the post was made on the official website:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are proud to announce their first ever visit to Hong Kong. The concert will take place on August 9th, Tuesday, 8pm at the AsiaWorld Arena.

Tickets go on sale at 10 AM, June 9 here. Source


For other latest tour info please see our previous post RHCP World Tour 2011-12 Announced dates, screen caps of information relating to the tour and the countries to be visited, etc.

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9 thoughts on “RHCP Tour 2012 Update UK & Hong Kong

  1. “Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced their first concert in Japan; the post was made on the official website”

    Hong Kong is in China, not in Japan.


  2. UK yeeeeessss! I want to see them so bad & a festival would be so cool too. Drink, dance & fall into a tent afterwards to dream of Flea and Anthony ( sorry Chad & Josh but you don’t do it for me guys)


    • According to Blackie Dammett (AK’s father) the UK tour will be next year. No UK dates have been announced yet but as soon as they are, we will post them on here, so please keep checking back for an announcement.

      (BTW I’m English so I’m waiting for the dates to be announced too and you can be sure that as soon as they are announced, I’m going to be screaming them from the rooftops! lol)

    • Date for what? The Uk? We posted those ages ago but here they are again:

      4th – Dublin, O2
      7th – London, O2
      9th – London, O2
      10th – London, O2
      12th – Glasgow, SECC Hall 4
      14th – Manchester Evening News Arena
      15th – Manchester Evening News Arena
      17th – Sheffield, Motorpoint Arena
      19th – Birmingham, LG Arena
      20th – Birmingham, LG Arena

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