I’m With You- Adventures of Raindance Maggie Update

The Adventures of Raindance Maggie

Yesterday, the news broke about the release date (30th August, 2011) and the name, ‘I’m With You’ , of the new RHCP album but straight away there was some confusion over the details. The release date and name were confirmed by both Flea posting on Twitter and on the official Red Hot Chili Peppers website and an email from there was also sent out confirming these details (plus the first official photo of  new line-up RHCP with Josh Klinghoffer ); the release date and name were therefore not in question but there was some confusion over the name and release date of the first single…

Apparently Chad (the @RHCPChad account has now been verified) posted on Twitter saying that the first single would be called the ‘Adventures of Raindance Maggie’ and that it would be released on July 18th. These details were immediately picked up by a number of websites and were reported as part of the new  Red Hot Chili Peppers album news (most still run that story); however, the tweets were deleted from Twitter shortly afterwards, leaving no official source for the information, which lead some of us to wonder how accurate the story was and apparently a spokesperson for RHCP has since told Billboard that the details for the single have not been confirmed; here’s the Billboard article:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are set to return with their first album in five years this August.

 The band announced on its official website Sunday that it will release “I’m With You,” its tenth studio album, on Aug. 30. The set is produced by Rick Rubin, who is also working on upcoming albums by Metallica and Avett Brothers and most recently helmed Adele’s “21.”

“I’m With You” will be the Chilli Peppers’ first studio release since 2006’s “Stadium Arcadium,” a double album that sold 2.3 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It will also be their first since guitarist John Frusciante officially departed the band for a second time, in 2009. He was replaced by Josh Klinghoffer.

 Despite multiple reports that a lead single entitled “The Adventures of Maggie Raindance” is slated for a July 18 release, a spokesperon for the Chili Peppers tells Billboard.com that a single is still not confirmed. Source

So it looks like we need to wait a while longer before we get the definite name of the first RHCP single off ‘I’m With you’. It could well be the ‘Adventures of Raindance Maggie’ but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully, the release date will still be the same but hold back with the plans for dragging sleeping bags outside record shops just for now! Obviously, we’ll update as soon as we hear anything more.

Thanks to Jason for an update on this on Facebook.

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  1. Well here’s an article about how kreayshawn is directing the new chili peppers video for the adventures of raindance maggie. Check it out.

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