Update RHCP Tour Rehearsals Starting!

Red Hot Chili Peppers Tour 2011-2012

Rehearsals for the RHCP tour start today!

Dave Rat has tweeted about the start of rehearsals for the new Red Hot Chili Peppers tour starting today:

“Ooooh, EAW #microwedge and #microsub heading out for Chili Peppers rehearsals”

And posted this photo:

Thanks to Dave Rat for the update! Source

RHCP Tour Information Update

This is an update of all of the latest information that we have on the forthcoming RHCP tour

Confirmed RHCP Tour Dates

Rock in Rio, Brazil- September 24th (SOLD OUT!)

Summer Sonic Festival, Tokyo & Osaka, Japan; August 13-14

Several snippets have information have come out over the last few days so here’s an update of all that has been posted so far.

Very little has confirmed about the actual tour although Blackie Dammett has commented that it will be massive:


Blackie Dammett: That’s only a fraction of the tour to come. I’ve read the entire two year tour and it will be massive.

The tour will cover most of the world:


When are cilli peppers coming to the uk next x

Blackie Dammett: the UK will be on the tour; we just can’t say yet until everything’s locked down. there’ll be tours in asia, south america, north america, and europe. be patient

RHCP Tour 2012-2012: Australia

So far no dates or locations have been announced; the only comment we have was made by RHCP drummer Chad Smith in an interview:


In respect of a tour, Smith wouldn’t confirm exact dates but he did say that when the Chili Peppers do announce a tour, Australia will definitely be on the itinerary. “Of course! We always come.”

You heard it here first. The Chili Peppers are coming to Oz! Source

RHCP Tour 21012-2012: Europe

No dates have been announced for the RHCP tour of Europe; loads of festival appearance rumours have been flying around but nothing has confirmed for this year and Blackie Dammett has now stated that Red Hot Chili Peppers will not in fact play Europe until next year in 2012.


Hi Blackie! When will the Chili Peppers come to Italy?

Blackie Dammett: They tour Europe in 212; whether Italy is on I don’t remember after my quick peak at the schedule; you’ll know soon enough.

RHCP Tour 21012-2012: South America

Blackie Dammett has mentioned RHCP playing on the South American continent several times e.g.


For all of those Argentine fans who have been asking me if we’ll play there, Anthony says they’ll perform for Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil

Red Hot Chili Peppers have confirmed to play Rock in Rio on September 24th, 2011 and I think there’s an assumption that the rest of the South American tour will be around the same time but apart from rumours of concert dates, nothing else has confirmed yet.

RHCP Tour 2012-2012: America

Again no dates have emerged for US dates for the RHCP tour in America and again Blackie has recently confirmed a couple of times that RHCP will not tour in America until 2012:


Hello there Blackie! Do you know if the Peppers plan to tour USA anytime this year? Thanks : )

Blackie Dammett: 2012  and also:



Hey Blackie i’ve heard through the grapevine that the peppers are playing at the Orlando Calling Festival 2011& I was just wondering if you could confirm this rumor. -Much Appreciation for your time.

Blackie Dammett: i’d say that was incorrect because they won’t tour america until 2012

RHCP Tour 2012-2012: Asia

Blackie Dammett has mentioned that there will be a tour in Asia but so far only one date has confirmed for the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan on August 13-14th 2011.

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