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I’m still working on uploading photos for the galleries;  more have been added of Flea and Chad Smith to the relevant galleries on here and more photos of Flea have been added in a new gallery -with an age warning attached! Some new info pages have been added too (details in above link. BTW Some changes are being made to front pages of this site so everything is currently on the temporary page while I work on the galleries, etc. I know everything is lumped together right now but it’s to allow people access to what has been published so far while I work on the rest. Hopefully a Josh Klinghoffer gallery will be added over the next few days- I just need to double check it and add the few stray photos of him I have lying around still.) 

Anthony Kiedis  Flea Red Hot Chili Peppers surfing barracudas

Flea & AK pranked by MTV Moonman

I would like to give a massive thank you to Otherside713 who very kindly gave me access to her collection of photos, ‘Chilis and Celebs’ most of which have now been added to the relevant galleries on my websites. She has nearly 500 of photos of the Red Hot Chili Peppers photographed with other celebrities. It’s an amazing collection and I’d not seen many of the photos myself before. I’m really delighted that she chose to share the pictures with me for use with my website followers…

AND… Otherside713 has also very kindly made her album accessible to members of this website if you would like to check it out for yourself!

Otherside713 Chilis & Celebs Photo Collection Password: thechilisource

The Anthony Kiedis photos from Otherside713’s collection have been added to the relevant galleries on  AnthonyKiedis.net since we have a dedicated site for the man himself. BTW For those of you interested in Anthony Kiedis, there are now over 2500 photos on there and we have the largest categorised collection of  categorized Anthony Kiedis photos in galleries online!

Happy viewing!

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