Flea Interviews Anthony Kiedis in 1984!

I’ve just found the article about this on a website and just had to share! The original download link is broken but I found a YouTube upload of the same interview!

Way back in 1984, a college student called Rob Hoffman interviewed any bands heading his way and one night he caught the Red Hot Chili Peppers; he was initially reluctant to interview them as they were relatively unknown, he didn’t like the songs by them he’d heard and he wanted to see the main act but dutifully he went off to interview the band and thankfully he did! Although Hoffman didn’t actually conduct the interview… Flea took over and proceeded to interview Anthony Kiedis with hilarious results! Full details of the background story and the interview are posted on the forum HERE! Enjoy 😀

AK to Flea: “You have been a completely ignorant interviewer and it’s really been quiet a drag for having to deal with you for your entire life.”

Flea to AK: “Thank you and I think you are a total obnoxious slob and I hope that you die!”

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