Members of RHCP Signing their Official Biography (4th November)

Red Hot Chili Peppers Book: An Oral/Visual HistoryMembers of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (Articles aren’t mentioning Josh but we’re not sure if that’s an accident or because he isn’t actually going to be there) are attending a book signing in LA on 4th (details below but you need to get a bracelet from the book shop today to be able to attend) to sign copies of their new official biography. There will also be a performance (for Extra TV) prior to the signing.

No cameras are allowed at the book signing but we’d love to hear from anyone who goes or who manages to get photos of them e.g. arriving at the bookstore or at the TV show.

Details: November 4, 2010 is a day Red Hot Chili Peppers fans have been waiting for! Anthony Kiedis, Chad Smith and Flea will be making an appearance at Barnes & Noble: The Grove at Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles to sign copies of their book The Red Hot Chili Peppers: An Oral/Visual History. Please see below for event rules and regulations.

Please note:

•Only those in possession of a bracelet will be granted admittance the day of the signing.
•A limited number of bracelets will be available at Barnes & Noble: The Grove at Farmer’s Market beginning on Wednesday, November 3 at 9:00 am PST.
•The band will only be signing copies of The Red Hot Chili Peppers: An Oral/Visual History. No albums or memorabilia, please.
•The signing will begin promptly at 12:00 pm PST. Please arrive early.
•Photography and audio/video recording devices are not allowed within the venue.


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  1. I’ve just spoken to somebody who listened to this (I unfortunately couldn’t be here to listen to it) who said it was really funny, that they confirmed the new album is out early next summer and that there are some more book signings on the way. (Thanks Abigail!)

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