Interesting RHCP photo

Thanks to Alex who just sent me this; I’ve not seen it before. Does anyone have any info on it e.g. where and when taken?

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I've been a RHCP fan ever since I heard Under The Bridge way back in the mists of time. I brought BSSM and then their other albums but RHCP were just another band I listened to (I was a massive GNR fan at the time) but that changed once I heard Californication! I've been involved with the online RHCP scene since 2006, getting more heavily involved as time passed, and eventually the time was right to set up my own website dedicated to the band and thus, TheChiliSource was born. Since then I've also set up along with various Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr pages connected to my websites and RHCP.

5 thoughts on “Interesting RHCP photo

  1. It might be a little later, but I’ve got your answer. The story of how I found it is quite cool…

    This morning I was browsing the message boards and stumbled upon this picture which was apparently hot-linked to your blog. I was intrigued by the Ibanez that John is playing and knew the picture was dated sometime between 88 and 89, but couldn’t tell because the drummer could have been Chad or D.H.

    Later on in the (same) day, I was linked to a local blog featuring many historical pictures of my hometown – Richmond, VA by a co-worked of mine who had a recent photograph that he had taken featured. After becoming interested in the blog about historic Richmond, I kept reading older and older posts…until…I stumbled on this:

    So, there is your answer. It’s from a Richmond/Virginia Commonwealth University sponsored concert series and was taken on April 14, 1989.

    I am still shocked that the first time I see the picture of my favorite band, I learn, on the same day, that it was taken in my hometown!



    • Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time and coming to post that info; really appreciate it! And it’s so cool that it comes from your hometown! One of the moderators on TCS forum found the photo and none of us had seen it before; I ran it past the admin of IM and she hadn’t seen it either (we’re friends so we’re always sharing stuff). That just made my day; thanks again! 😀

  2. First sorry for my english

    This pic is from 1988
    At the first John Frusciante play Ibanez
    before mother’s milk record-.
    Their look is so punk…

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