2003 Greatest Hits




Greatest Hits (Warner)

Who they? LA funk veterans, whose two-decade career has featured more hits, deaths and tattoos than a night out in Peckham. This cherry-picked collection plots their journey from socks on cocks to yoga and organic vegetables — plus two obligatory new songs to prove that, y’know, they’ve still got it.

Any good? Oh yes. When they’re not hitting the self-destruct button, these boys pump out classic tunes like a funk-rock battery hen. And with 16 of their finest jukebox moments gathered here, you’d have to be a member of Radiohead not to enjoy the ride.

Must hear: Take your pick, pal. If you like the Chilis raw, reckless and drug-addled Give It Away still takes some beating, while Californication is the cream of the rehab years —the haunting sound of a band swapping heroin for mineral water.

Why buy? Brilliant tunes, blinding technique — bloody marvellous. You wouldn’t let ’em near your sock drawer, but everyone needs the Chili Peppers on their stereo. Top stuff.

Henry Yates

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