19991/11 VOX


Blood Sugar Sex Magic (WEA)

As big, brash and colourful as their native California, the ever-tangy Chili Peppers have long been resident in funky heaven. Their self-assured, honky version of superbad Sticks the original Black Power polities in the corner and whips up a wild orgy in its place. This isn’t to say they ignore the great ’70s funksters or their fight for rights (the opening track here is called ‘Power Of Equality) but the basic message still reads: Funk is Fun!

Blood Sugar Sex Magic is a double dose of this souped-up funkadelica and, after the disappointing metallica of Mother’s Milk, it really kicks. Def Jam maestro Rick Rubin strips the sound back to its funky bones letting the boys noodle with what they do best, whether it be the pulse-raising ‘Suck My Kiss’, squelchy sex-fantasy ‘Sir Psycho Sexy’ or writhing electric-eel bass and teletype rapping of Give It Away. What’s new is a clutch of sweet acoustic ballads —’Breaking The Girl, ‘I Could Of Lied’ — that direct the lusty energy flows toward more contemplative moods (after all, continuous bump’n’grind gets to be tiring work).

More intricate and varied than their previous best, Freaky Styley, this sexy, supefunkalistic experience is the sound of good times. Free your mind and your ass will definitely get into gear.

(8) Rupert Howe

Many thanks to Hamish at RHCP Sessions for the scan