1996 February Q (113)

News snippet: Meanwhile, in this notably accident-prone phase of the late 20th century, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have postponed their North American tour after drummer Chad Smith broke his wrist playing basketball.


RHCP also listed in a 50 best albums of the year feature for One Hot Minute:


One Hot Minute


As the Chili Peppers’ four-year sabbatical served to prove, there are precious few pretenders to their crown as the champions of hormonally pumped up funk metal. Maybe this protracted absence made the heart grow somewhat fonder for these Californians. In the event, though, One Hot Minute was an ample reminder of just what we’ve been missing. With Rick Rubin again at the production helm, it’s a bulging, blistering blend of skewed ballads and physically intimidating workouts that charge around like a bull on a promise. And with former Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro brought in to bolster the ranks, they simply sounded bigger, better and more solid than ever.