11/2006 The Roundhouse London


(From a clipping so actual date/details of the magazine are unknown other than it’s from Classic Rock)


The Roundhouse, London

Tortured bliss- that’s the expression on John Frusciante’s face as he peals off another scintillating guitar solo. The pistons in the engine room – they’re the arms of beefy sticksman Chad Smith, as he drives the Pepper juggernaut down the highway. A blistering dynamo – that, lean, mean, tattooed, groove-machine, Flea; bare-chested and flying his freak flag high.

At this one-off, XFM Radio-sponsered gig it’s the three- of the ppers who with a verve-packed and volcanic realisation of the musical life-force. Californian emissaries bestowing their blessing in North London’s very own rock’n’roll temple; it’s nothing short of a revelation.

When vocalist Anthony Keidis [sic] arrives – punching the air, bouncing like a bantamweight in for the kill (despite nursing a broken toe) – their status as real rock gods is complete.

The salvo of hits from current double CD Stadium Arcadium (DAni California, Snow (Hey Oh) and Scar Tissue) are so much looser and alive than on the album. And although he’s the songwriting core of the band (as well as one of the most thrilling guitarists currently performing) a rambling Frusciante introduction makes it clear why it’s Keidis that’s the band, ringmaster and frontman.

No matter tonight though, it’s the music that does the talking. Criss-crossing their two decade history and touching base with every cutting-edge genre that’s inspired them, tonight’s Peppers are all but hot enough to blow the fabled Roundhouse roof off.

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