02/2006 SPIN


In Bloom
From big changes to more of the same solid sounds, here’s what you need to know about 15 of next season’s most anticipated albums
Red Hot Chili Peppers 
Stadium Arcadium, May 9 Supersize Flea: After more than a year of ridiculously prolific, collaborative songwriting, SoCal’s funk-punk stalwarts Unleash a Rick Rubin-helmed double album. “The chemistry was in better order than in a long time,” singer Anthony Kiedis says. “Everyone is frighteningly happy at the moment.” Paging Dr. Phil: Kiedis says he’s again exploring -the dark and nefarious side of Los Angeles, but not in a judgmental sense.” He adds that the personal songs are similarly about “dysfunction and lack of success in relationships, but it’s an ‘It, okay, it, not the end of the world’ kind of thing.” Paging, um, Marky Mark: While Arcadium still boasts the chilled-out grooves of Californication and By the Way, Kiedis contends that “it’s probably the funkiest of the bunch. There’s one song, ‘Charlie,’ that is more profoundly funky than anything we’ve done in awhile.”

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