Rock Power 01/1992


This month Rockfile finds John Frusciante, guitarist with the fabulously wonderful Red Hot Chili Peppers, giving the low-down on the more comic side of his life and throwing in some strange tales of sex majik. You have been warned!

John Frusciante


John Anthony Frusciante


Date of Birth:

5th March 1970

Previous Occupation:


Favourite Chili Peppers track:

I don’t own anything, the universe does (obviously misunderstood the question)

First record that you bought:

Kiss ‘Alive’

Favourite item of clothing:



Favourite Musician:



Favourite Food:


Ideal night in:

Listening to the Velvet Underground, lying on my couch

Describe your bedroom:

Loft-style, decorated with Syd Barrett, Velvet Underground and David Bowie Ziggy Stardust posters.

Name the books that have been most significant in your life:

Sexus: The Rosy Crucifixion 1 by Henry Miller; anything by Krishnamurti

Would you have cosmetic surgery:



Best friends:

Bill, Flea, Anthony, Randy

Person you most despise

I wouldn’t contaminate this page with their name

Irrational fears or phobias:

They are not mine, they are evil invaders of my space (again, some confusion over the question)

Worst habit:

Picking my nose in public

Biggest mistake of your life:

I learn from them all


Biggest triumph of your life to date:

Making the new album, ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’

First sexual experience:

Getting head from Rachel listening to ‘Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy’ by Brian Eno

Strangest place you’ve had sex:

In a cave with an invisible girl in Costa Rica

Sexual fetish:

Woddy Allen


Most interesting place visited while on tour:

The cosmic red sky that the energy of our music creates on stage

Do you believe in life after death:

The only thing that separates life and death at all are the words


Guiding motto:


Last will and testament


Interview by Trish Jaega

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